Madrid, June 6, 2019. The president of VOX and president of the Parliamentary Group VOX (G.P. VOX), Santiago Abascal, has participated this Thursday in the round of consultations with Your majesty the king in a meeting that the deputy of VOX has described as "honor" and that has lasted for more than forty minutes.

After the meeting, Santiago Abascal has appeared before the press in the Congress of Deputies and has denounced "the democratic anomaly"That supposes that" His Majesty the King is made to have to meet with deputies who have not sworn the Constitution ", in reference to the separatist groups. In this sense, the president of the G.P. VOX has transmitted to Felipe VI, in the name of all the deputies of VOX, the "loyalty to the Crown" and the "gratitude" for his institutional reaction of October 3, 2017 "with a historical speech".

"We have moved that we will not vote in favor of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, but we will support any government that agrees to restore constitutional order in Catalonia ", explained Santiago Abascal, who added that, like the rest of the parliamentary groups, his has not been contacted by anyone from the PSOE. In this sense, and after referring to the meetings held at the Moncloa Palace by the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, with different political groups, Santiago Abascal has denounced those "presidential tics" that question the Parliamentary Monarchy.

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