El Puerto de Santa María, September 16, 2020 – The spokesman for the Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of El Puerto, Juan Carlos Sanz, has described the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, the FEMP, as "a true chiringuito for the placement of party personnel, producing an inefficient and superfluous political spending of the first level ”. Sanz considers that this institution brings together attributions and management of public money that, in some way, steals from the municipalities, and from this guaranteeing intention, the right and autonomy that is intended.

"The FEMP is an artifact, created by the PSOE and PP, which does not favor the city councils being able to intervene in matters that directly affect their interests as established by law, but rather its purpose is to intervene in this autonomy, manage on its behalf and act as a counterweight to the independence of the management of the attributions that national laws grant to municipal entities ”, points out Sanz.

VOX has come to defend the strength of local administrations, as well as an efficient and honest management of the money of its neighbors, and it will not allow the Sánchez government bleach his painful financial management through accounting engineering with the money of the Spanish.

For this reason, the municipal group VOX in El Puerto de Santa María, will propose in the next Plenary the revocation of the adhesion to the FEMP and the exit of the Portuense Consistory of the association.

Likewise, VOX urges the central government to restrict the possibility of creating new entities that limit municipal autonomy, reduce municipal taxes or that seek to compensate for losses for fiscal year 2020 and later, so that the money of the municipalities stays in the municipalities and affects the well-being of their neighbors.

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