The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has insisted this morning on the appearance of the Ministry of Health in the COVID-19 Follow-up Working Group on the need to investigate in depth and determine if the protocols carried out in the nursing homes have been indicated. “Health cannot hide behind the fact that they have followed the guidelines indicated by the Ministry because, according to the data, everything indicates that the protocols have not been adequate. For this reason, we ask the councilor to put aside the follow-up of Madrid policy because it is not the way. A protocol cannot be at the expense of luck, it has to foresee all contingencies, and if it is not, then it is an insufficient, inadequate and incomplete protocol ”.
During the intervention, the deputy has claimed the urgency of putting into effect a health protocol to accompany coronavirus patients in the final moments of their lives in all health centers, as requested by VOX on April 12. "The Ministry has informed us that it will be applied immediately although it has not detailed a specific date. It is a very necessary measure because it is very hard for families and for the sick person not to be able to say goodbye. ”
Also, Álvarez Rouco, wanted to know first-hand if Health plans to implement concrete control measures as soon as children under 14 start to leave, as announced by the Government. "We are particularly concerned that, a few days after it is launched, they still do not have all the information from the Ministry as the counselor has recognized us today."
Lastly, he asked how the new protocol for action by COVID-19 aimed at Primary Care professionals is being managed.

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