The VOX deputy in the General Meeting, Sara Álvarez Rouco, in relation to the intention of the Barbón government to carry out an audit of the public sector as a step to reform the regional administration, has stated today that "the announcement of the reform of the administration Asturian arrives decades late. Today, it is urgent and urgent that there be a shift in the dynamic of permanent enlargement of the public sector to which the socialist party has accustomed us ”.

For Sara A. Rouco, “the loss of economic resources that is taking place in this way has been systematically hidden from Asturians through a tangle of overlapping structures characterized by their lack of transparency. It is a scourge that is inevitably linked to socialist management, of which those responsible will have to give an explanation and justification sooner rather than later ”.

"The measure of the problem – continues the deputy of VOX Asturias – is given by the fact that the government headed by Adrián Barbón is not capable of addressing the matter without a prior audit. He is not prepared to narrow down the monster that they themselves have created. And the worst thing is that complicated times are coming for the officials of the Principality, who will have to face a reform that will put their jobs in question, although they are not to blame for the duplications of the administration, or unnecessary public organizations and companies. created by the PSOE from the Asturian government for its partisan ends ”.

In any case, Sara A. Rouco assures that "Asturias urgently needs to address this problem, that of an oversized and obsolete public sector, in need of rigor and adaptation to current circumstances".

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