The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has presented today in the plenary session a Proposal No of Law (PNL) to demand from the Principality “control of the subsidies that are granted and the condemnation of the actions that have led to subsidy fraud ”which has been rejected en bloc by the left. “Even if the Principality wants the opposite, although they try to deny it, Asturias has lived immersed in the mud of corruption for decades. Asturian corruption, how could it be otherwise, has carried the socialist stamp for decades, "says the deputy.
During his speech, Álvarez Rouco has offered a list of situations (Musel Case, Marea Case, Niemeyer Case, Cudillero Case, Sogepsa, Gitpa, training courses…), which he emphasizes “occurred under his orders. From there, they can invent whatever they want, say that at VOX we are destabilizing, or that we don't know… but the reality is that which I have just detailed ”. What's more, the deputy continues, “it seems that we live in the world upside down. We, VOX, who have never governed, are the only ones capable of reproaching them for corruption in their more than 30 years in power. Do not clothe yourself with dignity because yours does not stand up. At this point no one is going to return what has been taken and as much as we are outraged, we are aware of it, but we demand that you put the means that are not repeated. The only thing we demand in our NLP is control ”.
Compared to what VOX claims, in Asturias “everything is zero control, zero monitoring and then they put their hands to their heads while their friends take them to the Asturian bag. Not only does this happen, we are also facing a way to promote clientelism and weave networks that only serve to perpetuate oneself in power. It is shameful and amoral ”, emphasizes the deputy.
“The regional government, which is the manager of the largest company in Asturias with a budget of 4000 million, 36,000 employees and a large number of suppliers, must incorporate, like other companies, a mandatory department. We know that they have some instrument like the General Inspectorate of Services- whose dozens of reports, they generally ignore, or the Sindicatura and the Court of Auditors, even OLAF ”. But even so, Álvarez Rouco emphasizes, “we demand that they condemn subsidy fraud, that they stop protecting it, that they exercise control, especially over those who do not comply, because if they do not do so, their budget management will not only be insufficient, but will also lack efficiency. A request that from VOX we extend to all the parliamentary groups in this House that can participate in its decisions. With our proposal we want a minimum agreement that allows the implementation of measures that defend the money of Asturians and that guarantee the honesty of the institutions ”, concludes the deputy.

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