The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has denounced "the lack of absolute forecast by the Ministry of Health to guarantee all Asturian coverage of pediatric care throughout the region." The reality, Álvarez Rouco details, is that "Asturias pays badly to its pediatricians, compresses the consultations and exaggeratedly increases the care burden while the regional government does nothing and that is why the specialists choose to leave our region."
“The limitations of places continue, they suffer from precarious conditions, the salaries are not competitive, the centers of attention are far away and they are not very attractive for the professionals and, the consequence, is the lack of pediatricians in the rural world as it has happened recently in Tineo, ”says the deputy who asks the Minister of Health to“ listen to doctors and do it for the future of Asturias, as VOX has done ”. At the meetings, the deputy clarifies, the doctors have transferred us “the lack of foresight against retirement and the competitive scenario, when it has been known for years that we will lose a third of the workforce due to retirement and there are fewer and fewer specialists and more quoted Asturias is not attractive and pediatricians leave, not only is it not false, but it shows what the counselor denies and as far as we know there is no divine curse in Asturias or in other autonomous communities they put palaces to specialists. Leaving the region is a fact and at the same time it is a drama ”, concludes Álvarez Rouco.

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