The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, insisted this morning on the appearance of the counselor for Social Rights and Welfare of the COVID-19 Follow-up Working Group that “recognize errors in the management of residences Seniors is not enough, it is absolutely useless if it does not involve a change in strategy. ” "Proclaiming that the battle is in the centers of the elderly as revealed by Adrián Barbón on Saturday and continue to hide that the protocols are set by Health as the counselor has said today is incongruous," said the deputy.
Álvarez Rouco explained that “once again it is shown that the regional government's follow-up of the policies that come from Madrid is not what Asturias needs. It does not solve the real problems in our region. " Likewise, the deputy has asked about the steps taken by the Principality to implement, as VOX requested on April 11, the necessary means in the centers and hospitals of the region "to allow admitted people to enjoy the right to be accompanied by their family, emotional or social environment at the end of their lives, guaranteeing the right of patients to say goodbye to their loved ones with a death in the highest dignity that allows the health and safety of all Asturians. " In this sense, he reminded the counselor that “there is an urgent need to implement a protocol and therefore the deadlines must be accelerated to give the go-ahead to the draft that he explained to us today that they have prepared. We are living an exceptional situation, each minute that passes does not return and for the families who suffer from not being able to accompany their loved ones in their last moments, the lost time does not return. He never recovers ”, regrets the deputy.
Finally, Álvarez Rouco, wanted to know if the Ministry is already working on a future plan to cover all people in vulnerable situations, given the increase in families that unfortunately will be in this difficult situation as a result of the exceptional situation. where we are. “VOX has always been very focused and very close to people with insufficient resources, to the most vulnerable groups and that is why we have insisted today, once again, on knowing how this issue will be addressed in the face of the deep crisis that unfortunately suffer and will suffer thousands from Asturian families ”.

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