The deputy of the VOX Parliamentary Group, Sara Á. Rouco, accompanied by the president of VOX Asturias, Rodolfo Espina, have traveled this morning to the AS-36 road, in the council of Valdés, which links the towns of Luarca with Belén de la Montaña to see the “unfortunate state” on the spot in which this road is located and maintain a meeting with the neighbors.
Among other deficiencies, Álvarez Rouco and Espina were able to verify the “significant deterioration in which the asphalt is, the breakage of the platform and the danger of detachment that exists, as well as the safety biondas that are torn off in the curves, and, the most worrying thing for the residents and users of said road, that the mountain eats the road with the danger that this entails, "explains the deputy.
"The situation in which the AS-36 is found poses a serious danger to road safety that has the complicity of the Social Communist Council. It is shameful how the social communist government puts road users at risk. The Asturian PSOE's priorities are not those of Asturias and what is happening in this way is yet another example of its efforts to distinguish between first and second category citizens. VOX will not allow the Executive of Barbón to use double standards ”, Álvarez Rouco points out.
During the tour of the AS-63, accompanied by Gerardo Cano, coordinator of VOX in the northwest, they shared with the neighbors the involvement and support of VOX Asturias, which will require explanations from the counselor. The null preservation of the road is one more example of the negligence of the Asturian PSOE on the roads of the region. The Government of Barbón should be ashamed that Asturian roads are the most deteriorated in the entire country, as revealed by an audit of the Spanish Road Association (AEC) ”, concludes the deputy.

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