The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has regretted that the Proposition not of Law (PNL) presented by the VOX Parliamentary Group on the adoption of tax measures, by suppressing the inheritance tax, did not go ahead, the abolition of the Property Tax, the reduction of the Property Transfer Tax and documented legal acts through the establishment of bonuses for the acquisition of housing, as well as a decided reduction of the autonomous section of personal income tax for the sake of economic recovery. “Only VOX has the courage to put proposals like these on the table. It's the only one. All the other parties in this parliament, and I mean all, and the PSOE for granted, move between interest, convenience and lukewarmness, blatantly disregarding the interests and concerns of our fellow citizens ", emphasizes the deputy.
"Some fellow citizens," continues the deputy, "tired of seeing how the result of their daily work, the effort of a lifetime, is constantly and increasingly diminished by the tolls imposed by the Asturian Government. We do not understand. Nobody understands it. They just have to look around. When in the history of the world has a social-communist economic regime like yours, with its fiscal approaches, brought prosperity to a region, to a nation? One after another they fell, leaving behind a trail of misery and desolation. Do you want to lead us to that? ”Laments Álvarez Rouco.
In her defense of the Proposition No of Law (PNL), the VOX deputy referred to the economic situation generated as a result of COVID-19, which "requires urgent responses both at the national and regional levels." "Answers," he pointed out, "that include strategies other than the passivity of the Principality, while they await the arrival of manna in the form of European Funds. A situation that requires a battery of different and favorable economic proposals, especially those related to taxation ”.
“We are convinced that this is about freedom, not about punishments and fiscal obligations that affect the resources of each citizen, whether or not they agree; it's about bravery, daring to put aside your wrong concept of fiscal solidarity, with which, almost always, only you and your proteges benefit, ”the deputy explains. “All of this translates into our proposal. A proposal that is not new, but that is not why we are going to stop raising as many times as necessary ”. In this sense, the deputy presented in the Asturian Parliament the measures proposed by VOX. “We defend the abolition of the inheritance tax; the suppression of the Property Tax; the reduction of the Capital Transfer Tax and documented legal acts through the establishment of bonuses for the acquisition of housing, as well as a decided reduction of the autonomous section of personal income tax ”.
“However, -continues Álvarez Rouco-, to defend their unreasonable position, the left, with whatever name, use the usual one as their main argument. The one on the ignorant Manichean left who claims that public services are only supported by high taxes. They do not contemplate, of course not, that where wealth is not generated there is no tax base whatsoever and, therefore, there cannot be good services, if at all. They hide, of course, that they always keep games to waste and throw money away in imposing their ideology on us or to distribute it among their friends ”.
In this sense, Álvarez Rouco referred to the FSA (Asturian Socialist Federation) “that has decimated Asturias for decades, turning what was once a prosperous region into a wasteland. In the realm of public aid for those they love, anesthetizing many and despising those who want to carve out a future. In the one the Minister of Finance talks about, when she says "speaking rigorously means telling citizens that taxes finance public services," we at VOX asked her, which ones? What services are you referring to? We suppose that he speaks of those that include long health waiting lists, deficit in residences, ridiculous plans to return to the classroom, lack of teachers, roads in poor condition or infrastructures that never arrive ”.
During her speech, the VOX Asturias deputy emphasized that "if wealth is not generated, the tax base will fail and the services, if any, are bad." Therefore, the deputy claimed that they should clarify once and take a different path, although without contradicting each other in relation to the statements of the Minister of Economy "who said in the press that there will be a rise in taxes, but the Minister of Industry says that is not in the plans. And the president of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, who moves between being out of tune and intimidation gave us his definitive version: Asturias has survived thanks to its impeccable management and taxes on Asturians. And we add: and to bleed Spain, Asturias and Europe ”.
Finally, Álvarez Rouco, made it clear again that “the reduction of taxes is a main issue, which must be accompanied by a radical cut in expenses. It's very clear. If not. the productive economy will continue to be absent from Asturias and they will have to maintain indefinitely that begging attitude of asking Spain or Europe to save them from their mistakes ”.

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