The VOX deputy in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has reproached the Minister of Social Rights and Welfare, Melania Álvarez, this morning, the high rate of poverty in Asturias that according to the latest reports “hits” one of each four Asturians. "Almost 252,000 of our fellow citizens", emphasizes the deputy, "which are the end result of a set of mistakes typical of their harvest. The sad result of policies of their own that have relegated these citizens to that sad situation. From VOX "we cannot impassively attend to the development of a totally unsuccessful social integration policy, to the development of ineffective social policies to alleviate inequality, to the cash transfers that they systematically program for associations and groups created within their party orbit."
“Those of Asturias, adds the deputy, are the worst data obtained by any of the communities in the last decade. And as a consequence, in terms of extreme poverty records, Asturias has advanced to a terrible second place in relation to all of Spain, only behind Andalusia. Since 2008, the regression in Asturias in the field of this type of poverty has been 171% ”.
But also, Álvarez Rouco, has referred to the barometer of the European Committee of the Regions (CdR) the risk of the destruction of jobs as a result of the pandemic, in the case of Asturias, it is estimated between 30% and 35 %. A barometer that points to Asturias as the second Autonomous Community with the worst prognosis after the Balearic Islands.
"Anyway," laments the deputy, "the reality is that we were already in an extreme situation and now we are entering an even worse panorama. Also, Álvarez Rouco, has indicated that the account of data that he has offered in plenary session is the result of “his supposed social approach is increasingly obsolete given the needs suffered by Asturians. No matter how much they practice the subsidy policy, its uselessness is being demonstrated. Their social policies water the wrong terrain, because instead of directing themselves, as proposed by VOX, to promoting employment favoring industry; to the promotion of trade; to support the self-employed or entrepreneurs; or to many other productive areas that we could mention, the regional government prefers subsidies, poorly designed and poorly distributed aid, or the regime of contributions to unnecessary and unproductive groups ”. "Unfortunately, he insists, they always bet on disincentive measures with all that this is detrimental to a system, his, which is becoming a factory of poverty for Asturias."
"With their policies," continues the deputy, "they have achieved that Asturian society, aged and impoverished, has settled into a spiral of decrease in available human resources, less work, less revenue due to the loss of companies and the self-employed while, on the contrary, there is a growing clientelism that threatens to become endemic, where its multiple associations occupy a prominent position, created to distribute, supposedly, social resources more effectively ”.
“The money from Asturians, which they obtain from the high tax pressure applied to them, is no longer enough to meet their needs. And it is that there are many failures and few solutions. They do not take care of the dependents. They do not relocate the long-term unemployed, because there is less and less employment. There is no job for young people, graduates or not, and when there is, the conditions are not adequate. They do not offer alternatives for all those Asturians who, as their economic capacity progressively decreases, their level decreases until the statistics of what has come to be called "Third Sector", emphasizes the deputy.
For all this, from VOX we demand, as Asturians, “an explanation for this disaster. We demand of you, on behalf of all those voters who have supported us and who you are striving to ignore, a solution to this problem. They owe it to Asturias. They owe it to the 252,000 Asturians who need it ”. Because, he concludes, “there will be more and more poor people in our autonomous community” Therefore, “VOX Asturias will be vigilant to verify the correctness of this management and to report deviations. VOX will try to avoid a repetition of this situation of growing economic poverty among Asturians, which should never have happened ”.

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