The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, demands "immediate" explanations from the regional government about the management of the Residence for the Elderly in Laviana, where it has transpired that "contagions among workers and residents practically overnight. It is alarming ”. “What happens in homes for the elderly is absolutely unacceptable. Once again, they are victims of the lack of anticipation and the absolute unconcern of the regional government about the most vulnerable, "says the deputy, while adding that" we do not know the reasons why they have not yet medicalized the residences as they did in the first wave. How long do you expect to wait?
In this sense, Álvarez Rouco has insisted on the "absolute" lack of transparency of the regional Executive since "of the data that, as in this case, show the general lack of control of the pandemic in Asturias and the lack of effective management." The problem, continues the deputy, is that during the management of the pandemic “the president of the Principality himself has been more concerned about making his own advertising campaign, establishing himself as the greatest defender of our vulnerable elders, and in the end, reality prevails and is that in the residence of their locality, Laviana, the workers have had to fight alone and without any support, for days until the intervention of the public residence managed by the Principality ”.
Likewise, the deputy has indicated "that once again it is more than evident that the Government of Adrián Barbón abandons our most vulnerable loved ones, while using Asturian businesses as scapegoats until they are suffocated and practically ruined." Thus, while Barbón decrees norms based "on unfounded political decisions, it unprotects the most vulnerable during the pandemic." Álvarez Rouco, has charged harshly against the management of the Principality that "has allowed the public residence of Laviana to register 73 infections according to data that have transpired", although, he points out, "sources close to the center have alerted us to VOX that the real rate contagion can affect almost the entire residence. They have told us that it is closer to 90% of infections ".
Finally, he recalled that "VOX already demanded in Parliament at the end of March greater control and protection of the residences of our most vulnerable elderly people" and "will not cease to fight and ask for explanations for the real protection of the elderly. What is the Government of Adriñan Barbón and the Minister of Social Welfare waiting for to provide more resources to residences? ”. "On March 31, VOX demanded urgent measures from the regional Executive to guarantee the health and protection of health workers, assistants and residents of public and private centers for the Elderly against the virus," concludes the deputy.

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