The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Asturias, Sara Álvarez. Rouco, this morning has addressed the Minister of Social Rights and Welfare in the Study Commission of the management of the health crisis COVID-19 that is developed in the General Meeting to denounce that "the system does not work, despite the fact that since the PSOE want to disguise it with demagogic speeches or launch organizations with bombastic names in which they are specialists "and echo what the different parties appearing throughout the week have claimed:" a change of course, more attention and solutions "
In this sense, the deputy explained that "the common denominator of all those appearing has been to expose the problems that plague all the sectors they serve." "We are not exaggerating," remarked the deputy, "because we have all heard it in Parliament. And if you and your department still have the capacity to carry out analyzes, we ask that you do so and that it be an honest analysis. ” From VOX Asturias, Álvarez Rouco insists, we ask ourselves “how can it be that the party that governs for more than 30 years in Asturias, the champion of social rights, has been so incompetent to solve the accumulation of deficiencies that have been denounced and exposed in commission ”.
In fact, during her speech, the deputy has related the different deficiencies that those appearing highlighted. “They have exposed the insufficiency of the budget items; the weaknesses of the system; neglect of unquestionable rights that are legally guaranteed; the need to introduce policies that allow equal opportunities; the deficiencies of the current legislation regarding protection and minors; the deficiencies in the housing law and the failure of the State in terms of the guarantees it must offer in the field of citizens' health ”. With all these statements, the deputy asks, “how is it possible that the associations that have been formed to solve specific problems and protect the disadvantaged sectors have denounced in such a firm way that the system does not work. And the reality is that the deficiencies were already there, it is not new, and the pandemic has promoted it. ”
And now that they are going to have funds, the result of the European rescue of the Sánchez and Iglesias government, Álvarez Rouco has reminded the councilor and the Principality that “they have three years ahead of the legislature and have everything to do. everything they haven't done for 30 years. Do not tell us now that you have done many good things because as we have all heard the representatives of the groups most affected by COVID-19 present their complaints and no word of thanks. "
Therefore, from VOX Asturias "we urge the regional government and the Ministry of Social Rights and Welfare to stop self-promotion, self-propaganda and get to work exhaustively and think about the destination of the funds they will receive because the resources they should not stay in the middle layers, thickening a system full of unnecessary and deeply ineffective areas. ” Finally, the deputy has made clear the position of VOX that will ask for "clarity and transparency of the fate of each euro perceived by Asturias."

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