The VOX deputy in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has made it very clear today in the plenary session held how from the regional government “with their intention to change everything and adapt it to their ideological criteria they are destroying customs, the way of life and the few means left to keep our region going. There is not a single sector that has manipulated ”. Moreover, the deputy acknowledges that "the Principality has made a virtue of necessity since what was presented as a difficult legislature, due to the many years of inoperation due to the inability of their governments to solve problems that grew term after term, It has become by the work and grace of COVID-19 in a triumphal walk in which you now mark the pace of the whole of society. That is the key, "he said.
In his speech, Álvarez Rouco harshly criticized how the Government of Adrián Barbón, “has put an end to the way of life of Asturian society. It no longer exists ”, he stressed. The reality, -continued the deputy-, is that the Executive of Barbón "has found in COVID-19" an authentic vein to justify all kinds of restrictions and introduce the changes they always wanted in society according to their social architecture " and he insisted that "there is not a single sector that the regional government has not manipulated." In fact, Álvarez Rouco took advantage of his intervention to give a good account of the current situation in which the sectors in Asturias are. Thus, he referred to health, "in which anyone can affirm that it is impossible to go to the Primary Care doctor or that they even tried not to go because they know they will not be treated"; to commerce, "before which it is enough to take a walk through any of the Asturian cities to see with desolation the number of businesses that have been forced to close"; to Education, “where‘ perfect storm ’prevails with absolute and complete lack of control in each of the centers”; to the hospitality industry, “the best example of chaos, to which special mention must be made of nightlife, since it seems to us an absolute shame how they have managed it, with that covert curfew, regardless of the cliff they have pushed to all the entrepreneurs and all the workers who invested their money and resources in these businesses ”. "And so we could continue," said the deputy, "talking about the situation of senior centers, industry and a long etcetera, because the reality is that the life of Asturian society is altered."
"If until the arrival of the pandemic, during their 30 years of government they left Asturian society adrift with unfulfilled promises, waste of resources and budgets, and systematic destruction of jobs and industries, now they see an open sky." In fact, the deputy emphasizes, “all the damage is blurred by this new situation. And to make a mockery, -alvarez Rouco highlights-, they will have new money available to do some of the things that they promised to do before and did not fulfill their promises. And, furthermore, in record time ”.
"And, -explains Álvarez Rouco-, although it is undeniable that the irruption of the pandemic has meant a turnaround in the lives of this society, the bad thing is that with his Government in command, the alteration becomes an outrage." "It is an abuse of power", clarifies the deputy. "They will tell us that if we are apocalyptic and they will pour out all kinds of disqualifications as has happened," said the deputy, "but the reality is that you are manipulating at high speed protected in the supposed search for that 'common good' that you have as an alibi, to achieve maximum control over Asturian society ”.
Finally, in her speech, the deputy wanted to remember the President of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, famous with that threatening phrase of "my pulse will not tremble …" which produces real fear. And it is that Asturians, unfortunately, are learning to fear what will be the next measure that comes to mind ”. And in the meantime, the deputy continued, “his supposed success from the pandemic is nothing more than a great marketing operation. What is not acceptable is that with their famous mantra of ‘saving lives’ they go over everything and everyone, without caring about what they destroy ”, Álvarez Rouco concluded.

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