The VOX deputy in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, today transferred to Parliament the situation of the hotel business dedicated to nightlife, which "the regional government has penalized with its coercive measures." "Some measures," emphasizes the deputy, "that denote a lack of courage because it is easier to hide in the offices, because in this way they do not show their faces to justify such arbitrary measures as the discrimination by hours that annihilates all the night hotels. They have adopted measures without taking into account the opinion of the employers and without offering an alternative plan or a package of social and economic aid to the sector ”.
The reality, even if they try to make up, explains Álvarez Rouco, is that the hospitality industry “has been sentenced by socialism, which has charged an entire sector with a stroke of the pen that maintains a notable volume of employment, arguing as a justification that they only organize schedules, but they actually prevent them from working. And as a first consequence, employment will suffer. Then there will be closures, and then nothingness. Goodbye to the nightlife industry ”.
Faced with socialist policies, “at VOX we believe in the freedom of citizens. Adult citizens whom the PSOE Government intends to limit. Citizens who live from their businesses dedicated to nightlife who are only willing to accept proportional measures, based on scientific criteria and not on the mere act of legislating by posture, even if the economy is sinking because, where are the supporting reports that show that a controlled and inspected opening has improved the number of infections? ”, the deputy asked the Minister of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion today during her speech in plenary session. "They have left the hospitality industry with exclusively political measures, not sanitary, and without putting alternatives to save an activity on the verge of collapse," he says.
In this sense, in the opinion of Álvarez Rouco, "the socialist party in government decides without scientific basis, lacks well-founded reports, follows an almost medieval dynamics of command and command, and they believe that this enables them to act like last Friday, when he changed his criteria and out of a maximum of ten people per table, they changed to six. On what criteria have they been based to set it at six and not four, three, or seven, for example ”.
Another example of the order and command is, explains the deputy, “how the Government of Adrián Barbón allowed itself not to agree on anything with the sector and imposed its unilateral measures, subjecting them to a covert closure that is protected, in the purest populist style, in the contribution to the supposed common good ”. And meanwhile, people, of course, do not give up their leisure. He is transferred to private homes, making it more difficult to adopt protection measures ”.
In fact, to demonstrate what happens in the streets and that Adrián Barbón's team does not see from the offices, the deputy has shown this morning in plenary session two images of this same weekend “where young people collect drinks in gas stations, supermarkets and 24 hour stores. What is the effect on the pandemic? That although nightlife companies have been punished, the fun at night continues and the infections do not stop growing ”, which reinforces what we have already stated, and that is that“ they have left the hospitality industry with exclusively political measures, and without putting alternatives to save an activity on the verge of collapse ", concludes Álvarez Rouco.

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