The VOX deputy in the General Board of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has spoiled the regional government for its lack of foresight to tackle the saturation of ICUs in Asturian hospitals. “The problem is that they have not hit the nail on the head. They have started moving late once again, and the results are what they are. Asturias again in the lead, but in the bad. When it has been necessary to demonstrate management expertise, the results are these. Very, very bad ”, highlights the deputy.
Faced with the disastrous management of the regional Executive which the pandemic “has literally overwhelmed them”, the deputy has detailed the recipe for VOX: “they should have provided health care up to the necessary limit; allow those who support it via taxes to continue doing so by letting them work ”. However, criticizes the deputy, "they have not done even the first, which leads us to the problem of saturation of the ICUs, and they will not allow the second, which is destroying our economy."
“They talk about transparency”, but the reality is that “they have been very unclear and slow in their actions. The numbers of beds for COVID, the capacity of the ICUs, the occupation, the hiring, were and are difficult to follow and give an impression of little transparency at a time when it is necessary to know for sure what is available. We only have the message of desperate professionals, overwhelmed. From a shameful lack of means and personnel in an autonomous community whose leaders have presumed for decades to dedicate one of the largest items in Spain to its health budget ”.
But, in addition, the Government of the Principality “has told us about the creation of adequate additional spaces, while the groups tell us that they are uncomfortable and that they were done without anticipation, since the urgent measures were taken in October when they should have been planned since summer. He talks about hiring, but what happens is that it cannot even be known if it is true because they are unclear and include everything to the COVID funds, without breaking down the personnel hired; and he tells us about the unpredictable ferocity of the second wave and to answer him I simply refer to the fact that even the most uninformed know what happened with the Spanish Flu. Since they have been talking about the second wave since May. They spoke a lot, yes, but nothing foresight ”, emphasizes the deputy.

In contrast to his words, the facts indicate that “in terms of doctors and nurses, they have hired little or nothing because the bags have been out of stock for months. And as for UCIS beds, have they made Asturias more attractive to attract health workers? ”. Moreover, the deputy explains, “if the head of the HUCA ICU stated a couple of weeks ago that 'In Asturias there are enough beds to care for all patients' and asked for calm, why this tremendous problem with the beds of the UCIS? If the reason for the restrictive measures of the economy is not the virus, but health saturation, something is wrong ", concludes Álvarez Rouco.

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