The deputy of VOX in the General Meeting of the Principality, Sara Álvarez Rouco, has asked this morning in the plenary session held at the General Meeting of the Principality about the criteria that have led the Governing Council "to maintain a thunderous silence" in the case of The Musel. “The answer that the Vice President of the Principality has given us today was to be expected, which, however predictable, justifies his comfortable position. But, we already tell the socialist party that, no matter how quiet it is, the problem is not going to go away. Their silence makes them more suspicious, if possible. And it takes away political and moral justification ”, emphasizes Álvarez Rouco.
According to the OLAF report, -continues the deputy-, “non-compliance with public procurement rules and with the specifications and clauses were found; It is stated that the prices of the materials supplied do not correspond to those originally approved and that there was no economic consideration; that prices were contracted for the extraction more than a year before the signing of the administrative contract, and that the beneficiary, inexplicably, accepted an extra cost of 250 million for an increase in the price of the materials while, however, the bidder had signed a contract by which it could extract materials without any economic consideration up to 24 million tons. In summary, the report of the General Intervention of the State Administration appreciates irregularities in the tender, in the execution of the project and in the assumption of the extra costs of the work. And also the absence of documentation in the files sent by the Gijón Port Authority to the National High Court ”, says the deputy.
"How could the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office not say that all these events could have" a serious impact on the security of commercial traffic and a serious patrimonial damage to the national economy "?", Emphasizes the deputy. From VOX, Álvarez Rouco insists, “we can only see it as a blatant Madrid – Asturias – Gijón socialist connection to do that magic that we have already seen more times in which millions of euros disappear. You know, now there are, now there are none … We understand that, at least they should conceal and show some degree of surprise when now the State's lawyers omit the accusation in the case, after having promoted the trial in 2018 for embezzlement and fraud. But of course, we meet the Prosecutor's Office…. What has the Principality done? Where is your complaint for property damage to Asturias? Have they supported the accusation? ”, Asks Álvarez Rouco.
“What happens, insists the deputy, is that the trial is approaching and they look the other way. They do not condemn, they do not act, they do not demand. Why? Being very respectful of the law does not justify your silence. It only makes it clear that they have set out to appear nothing short of invisible, in an attempt to draw the attention of public opinion as little as possible to this scandal. A scandal that comes from behind and that has transcended on a national scale while you make a face of not having broken a plate ", concludes Álvarez Rouco.

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