The deputy of the VOX Asturias Parliamentary Group, Sara Á. Rouco, stressed today, after making public this Thursday the latest report on the accounts of the ZALIA (Zone of Logistics and Industrial Activities of the Principality of Asturias) prepared by the Principality Accounts Sindicature, in which it questions its viability, that the Society is “synonymous with a socialist beach bar”. The deputy explained that "it is enough to read your history". What's more, continues the deputy, "it is a society owned by the socialist government and socialist municipalities created from scratch to justify an empty project without a budget."
In this sense, the deputy has indicated that when we talk about ZALIA we are actually talking about "a design bubble society, an infrastructure disconnected from the network and from reality, with an alleged end of development lacking in foundation and viability before to be born ”. In addition, adds the deputy, we are talking about one more maneuver to justify the project of a megalomaniac regional government whose works are counted for their extraordinary cost and null performance. Some projects whose costs fall again and again in the pockets of taxpayers and end up being questioned by society, if not by the courts. ”
In his opinion, "socialist impudence has no end, and what remains is to expose it to citizens so that they are aware of the spirit of those who have been dictating the fate of Asturians for decades."

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