The Cybernetic Coordination Office (OCC) detects medical material trafficking operations in DarkNET

The OCC analysis runs from January 13 to April 20 and indicates that "the increase in the number of people who carry out their job in the telework model" has caused a change in the modality of cyber attacks.

Scams, followed by theft of credentials by "phishing" and malicious files top the list of the most common COVID-19-related attacks detected worldwide. To a lesser extent, ransoware (hijacking of devices with ransom requests) and extortion are also being detected.

The OCC analysis also highlights the number of domains registered under the COVID-19 umbrella, which peaked on March 20, with 5,000 registrations a day, dropping to 1,800 new domains daily last week.

These are often malicious pages that use topics that allegedly offer information about COVD-19, as well as offers of supplies, personal protective equipment or donations to the World Health Organization (WHO) or other organizations of aid and NGO's.

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