CEIB-CEOE and SEGIB have participated today in the plenary meeting of business confederations of the Ibero-American space, which is held in parallel to the high-level plenary meeting of secretaries and SME officials of the Region. Both events took place in Buenos Aires, in the framework of the III Ibero-American Forum of the MIPYME, under the theme "Latin American SMEs facing the challenge of innovation and sustainability", and attended by representatives of the governments of the region, of business organizations of CEIB and entrepreneurs.

The vice president of CEOE and president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva and the vice president of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA), Daniel Funes de Rioja, inaugurated the Private Sector Meeting of the Mipymes Private Sector in the Ministry of Production of Buenos Aires. the challenges that the productive transformation brings and the inclusion of MSMEs in the fourth industrial revolution. They also addressed the promotion of intraregional trade and the participation of SMEs in global value chains; the Ibero-American space as an open innovation platform and the promotion of alliances to compete: startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs together with the large company; the analysis of public support policies and the new regulatory frameworks; and the economic empowerment of women and their participation in the business organization. The general director of CEOE International and permanent secretary of CEIB, Narciso Casado, also participated in the seminar.

From the meeting, some final conclusions were reached; a commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship was adopted; and the next steps were established. The final considerations were borne by the Deputy Minister of Development of SMEs in the Dominican Republic, Ignacio Antonio Méndez; from the CEOE CEO, Gerardo Cuerva; and of the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan. All these topics will be addressed tomorrow in depth at the III Ibero-American Forum of the Mipyme, which will begin in the Argentine capital. The theme and the points to debate arose at the Guatemala Summit, held in November 2018.

In parallel to the business meeting, the high-level plenary meeting of secretaries and SMEs of the Region was held, inaugurated by the Minister of Production and Labor of Argentina, Dante Sica. The person in charge of SMEs and Entrepreneurs of SEGIB, Esteban Campero; the Secretary of Entrepreneurs and Pymes of the Argentine Republic, Mariano Meyer; and the Director of Business Development of the National Commission of the National Commission of Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE) of the Republic of El Salvador, Rosibel Flores. During the meeting, the digital transformation of Ibero-American SMEs and the strengthening of entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Region were analyzed.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The vice president of CEOE and president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuerva, spoke during the meeting of the private sector about the challenges that the productive transformation brings and the consideration of the Ibero-American space as an open innovation platform. In this regard, he stressed the urgent need for innovation to become a State policy in all Ibero-American nations.

To do this, he referred to the Decalogue that was presented by CEOE, focused on Urgent Measures to promote R + D + i in Spain. The document proposes to establish a "Political Pact for R & D & i", to place activities in this area in the axis of Government policies. It also advocates simplifying legislative and bureaucratic procedures; facilitate technology transfer; improve financing, especially for MSMEs; promote the protection of innovation through industrial and intellectual property, promote a digitalization plan based on innovation, education and entrepreneurship; and support social innovation, opening the industry to society. Cuerva explained that Ibero-American business organizations and companies must assume the responsibility of convincing their governments and making their societies aware of the importance of innovation in economic development. The vice president of CEOE highlighted the full collaboration and support of the Iberoamerican Business Council (CEIB) in the definition and development of policies and initiatives that promote innovation in Ibero-America.

Cuerva considered that the Ibero-American space governments are making an important effort to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystems. As for the companies, he pointed out that they request a reduction in the regulatory burden; they demand the creation of experimental spaces for innovative ideas; claim a greater capillarity to access talent; and clear financing models, depending, depending on the situation, on public investment, co-investment or private sector investment. Also, "companies propose that innovation training be developed from the earliest stages of education," he added.


In relation to intraregional trade and public policies to support MSMEs, Gerardo Cuerva stressed that CEOE and CEIB advocate to promote the process of internationalization in the Ibero-American Region. For this, it is considered fundamental to diversify the markets and increase the added value of the products; support trade negotiations and the protection of investments abroad; and in terms of financing, the support and complementarity offered by the different instruments of public support to companies in their internationalization process is considered fundamental. In addition, Cuerva explained that public action plans should be put in place to support SMEs to position themselves in intraregional markets and favor an institutional and legal environment so that MSMEs can develop and expand in the Region.

CEIB support

After the morning meetings, the Spanish delegation attended a lunch offered by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Argentina. The vice president of CEOE, Gerado Cuerva, highlighted the importance of the III Ibero-American Forum of the Mipyme, organized by CEOE and SEGIB, in collaboration with the government of the Nation, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Argentina and the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) ). The objective, according to Cuerva, is to work on common objectives for the development of the Ibero-American region, such as entrepreneurship, administrative simplification, public policies to promote investment and the development of MSMEs, access to financing and internationalization. increase of the innovative and technological capacity of MSMEs.

All these objectives, said Cuerva, preside over the day to day of CEIB, whose headquarters and Permanent Secretariat are the CEOE, and which brings together the 23 most representative Ibero-American business organizations in Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Andorra. For this reason, he added, CEIB not only accompanies governments at the Ibero-American Summit, but also all initiatives that provide a space for analysis and reflection on the situation in Ibero-America.

Mipyme Forum and Young Entrepreneurs

This afternoon, an event organized by the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (CEAJE) and the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE), under the theme "Business in Ibero-America", will also be held this afternoon at the III Mipyme Forum. The president of FIJE, Juan Manuel Barrero, will take part in it; the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan; the general secretary of the Ibero-American Youth Organization, Max Trejo; and the CEOE CEO, Gerardo Cuerva and CEOE International CEO and permanent secretary of CEIB, Narciso Casado. More than 150 young entrepreneurs from all over the Region will participate in the event.

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