Seized 155 kilos of marijuana and 60 kilos of hashish hidden between pallets of vegetables

Seven people have been arrested, including the leaders of the organization

The drug that was hidden between 26 pallets of vegetables was destined for Italy

The Civil Guard has arrested seven people, three of them of Italian nationality, another of Portuguese origin and three Spanish nationals, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization. 155 kilograms of marijuana and 60 kilograms of hashish have been seized, and several vehicles used in drug trafficking operations have been seized.

The investigation began when the Civil Guard observed that in several warehouses of La Algaba and Montequinto there were continuous movements by several foreign individuals. Continuing with the investigations, the agents were able to verify that three individuals, who were aboard a rental vehicle, were continuously accessing a warehouse in the Montequinto industrial estate where no commercial activity of any kind was observed.
Subsequently, it was found that these people were carrying out efforts to acquire a significant batch of vegetables. Likewise, it was observed how they had rented several vehicles and were introducing them inside the already guarded warehouse. Likewise, the agents detected that these rental vehicles were escorted by others that performed shuttle functions.
Next, the agents verified that the investigated had transferred the batch of vegetables that they had previously acquired to another warehouse located in La Algaba.
While the loading of vegetables was taking place in a refrigerated rental truck, it was detected that these people had replaced the registration plates with bent ones (belonging to another vehicle of the same make and model).
Finally, it was observed how the refrigerated truck moved to the Polígono de Montequinto warehouse, to load the drug inside and later to the La Algaba warehouse to hide the drug among the vegetables. For the transfer of the truck, the organization had the help of a “shuttle” vehicle to alert of a possible police presence.
For all this, the Civil Guard proceeded to enter the ship, being able to verify that the ship was being used by a legal company and that it had several cold rooms, where the 26 pallets of vegetables were located inside. to Italy.
After a meticulous examination of the merchandise, a total of 155 kilograms of marijuana, in transparent vacuum-packed packages and 60 kilograms of hashish in tablets were located, hidden among the merchandise, which were destined for Bari and Rome.
For all this, 7 people were arrested: 2 of them responsible for the ship, 2 carriers and the three Italian individuals.
The Civil Guard also carried out the entry and search in a chalet in Palomares del Río, which the three Italian individuals had rented, and the Montequinto warehouse was searched, where items such as company stamps and tampons were found, some forged, supporting documentation of the acquisition of the 26 vegetable pallets, among other effects.
It is considered that a criminal organization dedicated to international drug trafficking has been dismantled, having managed to intervene in the first drug shipment that they were going to carry out.
The operation has been carried out by the Organized Crime Teams of the Judicial Police (EDOA) of the Command of the Civil Guard of Seville and OCONSUR Andalusia.
The judicial authority has ordered the imprisonment of the three Italian individuals and the release of those responsible for the La Algaba warehouse where the drug was seized, hidden among the merchandise.
For the extension or confirmation of any other information, you can contact the OCON Civil Guard Peripheral Communication Office, on the phone 630 900 403.


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