Sergio Ramos, match record with Spain

NEWS | 09/08/2019 | Rodrigo Salamanca

The Madrid defender adds 167 meetings with the national team and matches the Casillas record.

Sergio Ramos He participated in the victory against Faroe Islands (4-0) and reached the record of matches with Spain. The captain, who started and played 84 minutes at El Molinón, has 167 internationalities and has equaled Casillas as the player who has played the most matches in the history of the national team.

Bouquets He has achieved this record after more than 14 years with Spain, as he debuted on March 26, 2005 against China (3-0). It was the first of his 125 victories, another section in which he is the best in the history of the national team.

All these triumphs have allowed Bouquets have an extraordinary record with Spain, consisting of a World Cup and two European Cups. It also highlights his great offensive contribution in the selection, where he already accumulates 21 goals and is among the 10 top historical scorers.

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