Sergio Ramos: "My dream is to retire at Real Madrid"

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NEWS | 05/30/2019 | Javier García | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

"I'm a Madridista, I'm happy here and the day I leave I'll win," added the captain.

Sergio Ramos appeared in the press room of the Ciudad Real Madrid to clarify speculations about his future and confirm his intention to remain in the Real Madrid. Before answering the questions of the journalists, the captain spoke: "After the fuss that has been mounted, I want to clarify it and answer the questions to clear the doubts and debates, which do not benefit anyone, nor the club, neither the fans nor me. I want to make my future clear, there has been much speculation. I'm a Madridista, I want to retire here and conclude my contract. We have to leave behind this bad season to build the future. "

"The day I leave I want to do it through the big door and winning. I do not want to leave the Real Madrid. My dream is to retire here. I would be willing to even play for free here because I feel so. The relationship is from father to son but who has not fought with his father. The best thing is always to sit down and talk face to face, without the interference of third parties. I have not talked about money and contracts for a long time Florentine because it's a topic that does not bother me. "

China offer

"The offer is on the table, I'm not lying. If my hobby does not love me, I would have considered leaving, but I feel loved. Yesterday we fixed everything and we want to build the future together. The day I leave I will win. "


"Things are solved by talking and in one afternoon we have done it. We will try to make a new project to meet the objectives we have. That's why I hold a press conference, to clarify that I'm happy where I am and nothing more. "

Your future

"My time has not yet arrived. While I hold my body and soul to defend this shield I do not consider leaving. I would not go to a team that could compete with the Real Madrid. When I leave it will be because the body can not stand me and I would do it to a team that does not compete with Madrid. "

If you were the president, would you let Ramos out?

"No, I would have renewed it for life (laughs). The president and I have a father-son relationship and we love each other very much. The touch makes love, we have spent many years together. He has always shown me a special affection and if something has done well it is to take care of this type of players ".

As long as they hold my body and soul to defend this shield, I do not consider leaving.

"I'm the captain and I feel loved and supported by my teammates. They know me and many had no doubt that I would continue here. We have to thank them for writing and giving me affection. After the bad results of this season we have had time to draw conclusions and see what we can improve. "

The hobby

"The fans and I have always been merged. In 14 years they have only punched me one day. Those of us who have been here the longest are the ones who have to pull this. They want a reaction from the team and I will never be angry because they bite us. It is clear that I prefer to be encouraged but we understand it. "

Next season

"It looks very exciting. It sounds good to me, it consists of making a new team with people who reinforce us and people who will have to go out. We will try to recover that illusion and hunger to win. I reset every year and always try to win. Bringing new people spreads everyone's new illusions. "


"I think a player, top level and would come very well to Madrid. I could give a lot to this Real Madrid"


"After the match in Valencia I had a break of grade 1. It seemed like a few days, I forced a bit and broke. I had a bigger injury on the soleus before the game against Athletic. I tried to get to the last game but the doctors stopped me and now I'm going to try to say goodbye with a good taste of the season with the national team. The one who doubts and thinks that he takes me out of the middle knows me little ".

Do you advise on the signings?

"I do not attribute that role to me. The president does not need advice. As a captain, sometimes you ask me but it does not depend on me. These are decisions that do not correspond to me. I'm captain of the team but nothing more. I do not put coaches, players, workouts, schedules … "

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