Sergio Ramos: "The one of the Tenth is the goal of my career"

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NEWS | 05/24/2019

"I did not finish that ball with my head, I finished it off with my soul", recalled the captain to Realmadrid TV five years after his mythical goal in Lisbon.

Five years of the goal of Sergio Ramos in Lisbon in the 93rd minute. A header that will be remembered as one of the best moments in the history of Real Madrid and that marked the beginning of one of the most successful stages of the club. And who better than the captain to remember what Madrid meant for his goal in the final of the Tenth. After returning to see him, he explained his feelings in Realmadrid TV: "Five years have passed, but it seems like yesterday. Football happens very fast but I can not stop getting excited. It changed the history of our club, it had been a long time since I won the Champions League, it was my first European Cup and practically when everything was lost ".

The goal of his life

"After that moment I told my mother that from there I could die peacefully. It's the best, the goal of my career for what it represents not only for me, but for football and for our club. "

Your thoughts before finishing the corner

"I am very optimistic and until the last second I think it is possible. I dreamed that the perfect ball would arrive to be able to finish it and to finish inside. Said and done: a great ball from my 'brother' Modric, that makes it fly, and it was where I had to go. I did not finish that ball with my head, I finished it with my soul ".

The pineapple of the team before the extension

"In those moments, the boss usually speaks and I also like to say a few words. Whatever happened, we could go home with our heads up because we had given everything in the field. "

It was a long time since he won the Champions League and changed the history of our club.

"The dedication of the goal was for my wife, Pilar, and for Sergio, who had just been born. All my family was in the stadium, except my wife and my son, who had been born on a date so close to the end they could not travel. The gestures were for them. Then, also for my grandparents, to whom I always dedicate many things looking up. My grandfather told me that one day he would have to die and that he believed that he would not see me win a Champions"

The congratulations of Casillas

"He told me: 'Brother, you're the fucking master, I love you.' I have a special affection for Iker from a relationship of many years, we are very good friends ".

President's words before the final

"It was a very caring gesture on his part to place his trust in me. It makes you feel a little more important and that I could transmit that confidence to the group, that I would throw it away at the important moments. That merger in the end had its prize. "

How much had you dreamed of that moment?

"I never stopped dreaming and working with constancy to have that illusion of conquering the Champions. I never lost hope of getting it. The finals are not played, they are won. We have had great luck playing many Champions finals and most of us have won them. About the celebration in Cibeles, after so many years it is a great joy to enjoy that unique moment ".

Goal that goes down in history

"It will always be a goal that will go down in history. It's a team effort and a lot of sacrifice that I needed to finish the story and the story with that result. I had to score the goal, but we will go down in history as a team, not only for the goal of Sergio Ramos"

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