El senador por Gran Canaria, Sergio Ramos

"Apologize and disavow Minister Garzón, who has shown colossal ignorance," Ramos has requested.

The senator from Gran Canaria of the Popular Group, Sergio Ramos has begun his intervention showing the support of his Group to the Tourism sector "insulted, seriously, by the Government of Spain". "They are not alone" Sergio Ramos assured, describing the Pedro Sánchez government as "precarious, seasonal and with little added value", thus reproducing the statements of the Minister of Consumer Affairs on tourism "13 percent of GDP and 12 percent of our country's employment. "

The popular senator, intervened in the control session of the Senate to ask the minister about the measures that the Government will implement to activate tourism in our country. In this sense, Ramos has affirmed that the words of Minister Garzón "have shown colossal ignorance" and has described as "catastrophic and lethal the decision of the Government to keep two weeks of quarantine for foreign citizens who come to Spain.

"Do the best you know how to do, rectify or kill 12 percent of employment, 40 percent in the Canary Islands and 30 percent in Balares." The senator has assured, at the same time that he has made the minister ugly not having waited for the recommendations of the European Union. "They have succeeded," he added, "that the English and the Germans are afraid to come or cause a diplomatic problem with France," and he has shown the plenary of the Senate a cartoon published today in a German medium, by a travel agency that promotes trips to Mallorca with a sign "Mallorca, 14 days of quarantine from 499 euros".

The senator from Gran Canaria ended his intervention by warning the minister that "it is not worth improvising" because thousands of families living on tourism and our reputation as a country are at stake. "They have already caused," he accused, "a flight of 30 million tourists."

Finally, Sergio Ramos has asked the minister to “put the batteries” and has suggested that he replace his “nefarious plan” by testing tourists who arrive, with security measures at airports and to establish safe corridors and free from COVID-19. "Remember that in Spain tourists can enjoy our culture, our cuisine and our sun for less than 10,000 euros, which was what the Minister Garzón cost the honeymoon," he said.

Senator Ramos in the reply, when he did not obtain a rectification by the minister of the words of his colleague Alberto Garzón on tourism, has assured that it "makes it so complicated."

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