There is a debate that has accompanied the human being since the beginning of time: when a story is told, Which is better, the book or the movie / series? Some defend swashcock that the book is the best friend of man (besides the dog, of course). His thesis is based on the fact that the pages of a book allow our imagination to fly and to do so for several days and nights.

On the other side of ring we have unconditional lovers of the audiovisual, who prefer the intensity in movement and flesh and blood of series and films.

The comparisons are hateful. We are of the opinion of what else gives which is better? Especially when you can enjoy both! With this intention we have created a list of films and series that were born thanks to our precious bedside table companions: the books. Double entertainment for this summer!

Series and films based on books for this summer - Millennium

Lets start by the beginning. While the sixth book of the famous Millenium saga is cooking, The girl who lived twice (in bookstores on August 27), we recommend that you watch and enjoy the fourth film of the saga – the first adaptation of the new books written by David Lagercrantz. What does not kill you makes you stronger will catch you in a network of spies, corruption and criminals of which, like the protagonists, it will not be easy for you to escape. In addition, we love Claire Foy in the role of the unmatched Lisbeth Salander!

Series and films based on libros_chicos_me_enamoréIn second position we present you To all the boys I fell in love with, the movie that caused a furore last summer and that, at the end of the year, will see the premiere of its second part . I still love you, based on the second book of the trilogy, written by Jenny Han

Meanwhile, this romantic film where Lara Jean, the protagonist, sees how her life jumps through the air when the letters she has written to her five lovers are sent by mistake; It will not leave you indifferent, almost like her.

Series and films based on books for this summer - Good omensGood Omens (Good omens) is the television miniseries that came out of a comedy considered a masterpiece, which bears the same name and is written in four hands by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

If you watch his six episodes, you will follow an angel and a demon who will try to avoid, whatever happens, the end of the world and the coming of the antichrist. Science fiction and laughter. And rains of toads. Has it all.

Series and films based on books for this summer - Afterdespues de the third, we have the fourth recommendation. That: Despues de. The great love story, discovery, sex and polar opposites that are attracted is a roller coaster that you can now enjoy on the big screen.

Tessa Young is the good girl and Hardin, the bad boy. The rest you can already imagine … Or not. In fact, once you finish with the movie, you can also go for the rest of the books in the literary series, written by Anna Todd

Series and films based on books for this summer - People who come and bah

The people who come and bah He has also made the leap to the big screen. Now you can enjoy this best-seller where Bea, the protagonist (Clara Lago), decides to flee in search of a little peace after losing her job and that her fiancé has become involved with another.

Task a bit impossible considering that his family is a bit eccentric and that the poor person brings chaos wherever he goes. But not everything is bad! There is hope, if you do not … Do not miss the book on which the film is based, written by Laura Norton

Series and films based on books for this summer - My name is violetWe also propose, in this case, a documentary. My name is Violeta comes to the root of the book My name is Violeta in which the case of a girl who until the age of five was treated as something that was not: a child is narrated.

A story that will make us reflect on gender diversity and help us understand their lives in the same way that Nacho Vidal and Franceska Jaimes, their parents, were made to understand.

Series and films based on books for this summer - The RomanovsIn this case, we will not talk about a series that has come out of a book, but we present the perfect complement. If you have read or want to read The Romanovs of Simon Segab Montefiore, a story that tells the exciting life and power of the Tsars in Russia, we recommend the new series of Neflix The last tsars.

As we said, it is not based on the book but it is the golden opportunity to put a face and eyes on the mythical family.

Series and films based on books_mindhunterOur sixth bet is Mindhunter. John Douglas He published his 25-year experience in the FBI studying the minds of murderers. In fact, it was he who coined the term serial killer. Last year they turned the book into a successful Netflix series. And on the 16th of August the second season opens!

Through his interrogations, Douglas will present personalities as obscure and indecipherable as Charles Manson or Edmund Kemper.

As extras, we told you about three series / movies that will be released soon …

Series and films based on libros_silencio_ciudad_blancaThe film version of The silence of the white city will finally be released on October 25. East thriller Hypnotic, directed by Daniel Calparsoro and starring Javier Rey, Belén Rueda and Aura Garrido, will undoubtedly be an entertainment worth seeing.

Meanwhile, do not miss the trilogy of books by Eva Garzía Saenz de Urturi. It's worth reading before going to the movies! 😉

Series and movies based on books_legacy_in_the_bones

You will also enter into tension when it opens, next December 5, Legacy in the bones, second part of the Baztán trilogy, Dolores Redondo.

This second installment, also starring Marta Etura, continues the story begun in the The invisible guárdian, that already had its cinematographic adaptation a few years ago, directed by Fernando González Molina.

Series and films based on books for this summer - Little WomenAnd we finish with Little Women, Louisa May Alcott's classic whose film version has its premiere scheduled for the end of the year.

In fact, Austral will publish a new and precious edition of the book, which tells the adventures of the four sisters and their dreams.

The best way without a doubt to be able to enjoy the story more and better while you wait for this movie, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep.

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