The time has come, reader!

We have released the to-do lists, the formal clothes, the obligations … and we are already by the pool with our shorts, a cool drink and ready to sign up for any plan that is proposed to us. And, like you, we are more than willing to devour toooodas those readings that have been pending for us during the year. 💃🏻

And as summer gives us plenty of time to enjoy other formats, from the sofa, from the fan, from bingeing on series and movies … we we have proposed to bring all the passions together. Therefore We bring you a list of series and movies based on books that will make you enjoy this summer. Do you want to know what books it is? 🍿⚡📖

1) Offering to the storm

Dolores Redondo arouses passion. Its readers devour everything that comes out of the author's mind and, if you still don't know the Baztan TrilogyWe recommend that you take advantage of these hot days to immerse yourself in one of the most addictive readings of the moment.

In addition, the film adaptation of Offering to the storm. And we will only tell you one thing: the previous installment, Legacy in the bones, was one of the greatest successes in the history of the platform.

The rational and the scientific, the legendary and the mythical collide again in the Baztan valley. This time it has been a month since Inspector Amaia Salazar recovered her son and was able to arrest Berasategui. But despite the fact that both the Civil Guard and Judge Markina consider Rosario dead, Amaia feels that she is not without danger, a distress that only Jonan understands. The sudden death of a girl in Elizondo will raise suspicions, as an impressive storm approaches and threatens to bury the most devastating truth …

2) Love at a distance

Live a movie love! Because if there is a time that lends itself to romances, that is the summer. Enjoy the long-awaited continuation of My first kiss, one of the great phenomena of Netflix, and let yourself be caught by the most intense emotions.

Elle Evans and Flynn face a new challenge: Noah leaves for Harvard, making them a long-distance couple. And that is hard, because talking on the phone and chatting cannot satisfy some needs … So when Elle sees a post that shows Noah in a quite affectionate attitude with another girl, she feels fatal. To make matters worse, it is difficult to ignore the new boy in the class: he is so kind, sweet, cute … and obviously interested in her.

In addition, this edition contains a extra story, The beach house, which bridges the first installment of the series and the second part, in which we will find Elle, Noah and Lee spending their summer holidays. Are you really going to miss it? 😏

3) The silence of the White City

The saga of Eva García Sáenz from Urturi It is another of the readings that you cannot miss this summer! Because you will start reading and you will not be able to drop the book or refill the glass of your drink. Let it not be said that we have not warned you. What awaits you?

A city terrified of the return of ritual killings. An expert in criminal profiles who hides a tragedy. A hypnotic thriller whose keys rest on mysterious archaeological remains. All this is what awaits you in the White City Trilogy.

Tasio Ortiz de Zárate, the brilliant archaeologist convicted of the bizarre murders that terrorized the quiet city of Vitoria two decades ago, is about to be released from prison on his first leave when the crimes resume again: at the iconic Old Cathedral of Vitoria. , a twenty-year-old couple appears naked and dead from bee stings in the throat. Shortly after, another twenty-five-year-old couple is murdered in the Casa del Cordón, a well-known medieval building.

The young inspector Unai López de Ayala —alias Kraken— is obsessed with preventing crimes before they occur, although a still fresh personal tragedy does not allow him to approach the case as one more. Meanwhile, her unorthodox methods unnerve her boss, Deputy Commissioner Alba. Time is running against him and the threat lurks in any corner of the city. Who will be next?

Also in this edition you have a Map not to miss one of the scenarios and their keys for that matter. And it is not to tempt you but … the adaptation of the first installment can already be seen on Movistar: The silence of the White City awaits you. 😉

4) To all the boys I fell in love with

Fall in love with the books on which the Netflix phenomenon is based: the wonderful trilogy of Jenny Han.

Lara Jean keeps her love letters in a box. They are not letters that have been sent to her, she has written them, one for each boy she has fallen in love with. In them he shows himself as he is, because he knows that no one will read them.

Until one day someone sends them by mistake and Lara Jean's love life goes from "imaginary" to being totally out of control.

And if the body asks you to know more about Lara Jean, don't miss the second part P.S. I still love you. Lara Jean did not expect to fall in love. Much less seriously fall in love with Peter. At first it was a fantasy. But suddenly it is not just that and now Lara Jean is very confused. Another boy from the past returns to his life and what he felt for him also resurfaces.

Can a girl be in love with two boys at the same time? It is the perfect time to find out. And if you want to make popcorn in hand, the first and second installments are already available on Netflix. And you can skip to the end of the story on Netflix by reading Jenny Han's third and final book now.

5) Elite

In this book of April Zamora You will find the intrigues, love stories and envies that you would never see on the screen. Are you ready to find out everything from one of Netflix's greatest hits?

Paula suffers from an impossible love, of which she cannot speak to anyone, and Janine, the girl in size 40, keeps a secret that, if known, would put her in danger. His friend Gorka, obsessed with sex, begins to feel something more for the wrong person, and Mario, the repeater who does bullying, suddenly finds that it is he for the first time who is being blackmailed. María Elena is called Melena in Las Encinas because on one occasion she lost hair due to emotional problems, and nobody knows that, behind a facade of opulence and glamor, she lives a sad family history. His problems are not few, but at the end of the course, at the party, the unexpected happens. Marina appears dead at the edge of the pool, and the inspector receives a mysterious diary full of hateful phrases towards the murdered teenager.

Someone hated her and everything points to her going to the same class … Don't miss the first official novel from the Netflix series.

6) Shadowhunters Series

And if we told you that the followers of Dolores Redondo do not miss a novel by their favorite author… enthusiastic fans of Cassandra Clare and its Shadowhunters series.

A dark story of love and demons that will thrill fans of Stephenie Meyer and L. J. Smith.

At The Pandemonium, New York's hottest nightclub, Clary follows an attractive blue-haired boy until he witnesses his death at the hands of three young men covered in strange tattoos. Since that night, his destiny joins that of those three shadow hunters, warriors dedicated to freeing the land from demons and, above all, that of Jace, an angel-like boy with a tendency to act like an idiot …

Are you curious to know how Clary's story continues? Well welcome to one of the literary phenomena of the moment. 📚

7) Classics

Because those universal classics could not be missing from the jewelry list that we will devour this summer. And if we can also enjoy them in audiovisual format … we do not need more excuses to delve into the stories of Jane Eyre, Dracula or The Miserables.

They will be those stories that you enjoy as few, that surprise you, that make you laugh alone … and that you will look at with longing once you have finished, while these precious editions look back at you from the shelf.

Ready to discover why your stories have marked entire generations? 🤩

And if you are worried about not having a story to enjoy when the summer days are over … take note because we have great news!

In September comes the series of Homeland

Readers of Fernando Aramburu They are biting their nails since it was announced that the novel was going to be adapted for the screen. And although the pandemic has postponed its release … HBO recently announced the final date for its release: Sunday September 27! 🎉

The greatest literary phenomenon of recent times, now it will surprise us with the flesh and blood faces that tell us the moving history of the last 30 years in the Basque Country.

If you enjoyed with the Aramburu bookYou can't miss the HBO adaptation. And if you have not yet realized the novel, we leave it highly recommended as a reading for the summer, so that you arrive with the homework done for the premiere on the 27th.

And if the summer is long and your bookcase falls short, do not miss our recommended books so you can thoroughly enjoy your free time. # ReadYourSummer. 😜📚🍦

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