Seven denounced in La Rioja while having an outdoor barbecue

They alleged that they were doing garbage burning and fertilizing the land with manure.

Also in La Rioja, the Civil Guard has had to rescue another offender who was trapped with his car in the Cidacos river

The Civil Guard has denounced seven people who were making a barbecue in an urban wasteland. The accused have been caught in the town of Pradejón (La Rioja), when a huge column of black smoke betrayed them.

Responding to questions from the patrol, the accused have alleged that they often carry out garbage burning and fertilizing the land with manure, and that is why they had lit the fire. However, they found no justification to explain the grill they had on site.

Trapped offender

Also in La Rioja, a driver had to be helped by SEPRONA civil guards. This is a man who was trapped inside his vehicle in the Cedacos River. After being helped out, this person has not justified his displacement, for which he has been denounced.

The accident, which occurred in the town of Autol, has been brought to the attention of the insurance company, so that it can proceed with the extraction of the SUV.

For more information you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard in La Rioja, on the phone 941 229 900, ext. 2007, or 650 478 299.


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