Seville, October 12, 2020. The secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, has asked this Monday, October 12, on the occasion of the car mobilizations called by the party to demand the resignation of the Government, that people come out to support the party's motion of censure and kick out the "social-communist" government of PSOE and Podemos, which has been "incapable" of managing the crisis.

Speaking to journalists in Seville, Ortega Smith pointed out that October 12, Hispanic Day, is a day in which all Spaniards have to be "very proud", be aware of the "historical responsibility" with the country and the current difficulty to oust the Government.

Thus, he has asked to take to the streets “asking that the social-communist government, incapable of having managed this crisis, of having protected the health of Spaniards, of having given a single opportunity for so many companies, so many freelancers and so many workers not be ruined, "he leaves, something that can be achieved with the motion of censure that Vox plans to defend on October 21 and 22.

«How can a Spaniard support a motion of censure? Going out into the streets, protesting, saying 'enough is enough' and demanding that necessary change of government, those democratic elections that allow Spaniards to choose a government that does not agree with the separatists, that does not agree with the communists, with the filoterrorists, that It is the motion of censure that the street is crying out, ”he explained.

For Ortega Smith, Sánchez's management has generated "the greatest number of infections", "the greatest economic ruin" and "the greatest loss of prestige." In addition, he has accused the Executive of "lying", "misrepresenting" data and taking an interest only "in controlling judges and prosecutors" and "dismissing police officers and civil guards who do not pay homage to him."

He has accused the Executive of throwing the country into the "quagmire of history" and achieving, in his opinion, that Spain is not respected "neither inside nor outside" its borders. "History demands that we once again be protagonists in the history of humanity," he indicated.

Party sources have indicated regarding the demonstrations in the city of Seville that there has not been an "official call for departure" to specify a place to make a caravan and that it has consisted of "each one walking through the city."

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