It is not easy to get away from microphones and spotlights – the news that signing for Planet of Books for the Christmas campaign has caused a stir – but we have managed to steal a few minutes from your busy schedule and this is what Sherlock Holmes has told us.

Why have you suddenly left your cases and signed for an editorial?

Well, I certainly haven't left my cases. I just expand the type of research that I will carry out.

What do you mean?

Give away books at Christmas, the reason for my signing by the publisher as you comment. Let me ask you: how many times have your family and friends told you how much they loved your Christmas present?

Hm …

There you have the answer. My goal is that the gifts this Christmas do not end up being a mere decoration. As? Giving away books. And that's why I signed for Planet of Books in this Christmas campaign. Giving away is really a deduction game: you only need to gather the right clues, the comments you may have made and that you have overlooked … And I am a specialist in collecting data and getting a final answer.

As you have heard me say on some occasion, I believe that the main proof of a person's true greatness lies in the perception of his own smallness. And this is where I come into play. To help overcome that deficit in the proper choice of readings for other people.

“My goal is that the gifts of this
Christmas does not end up being a mere
decor. As? Giving away the books

more appropriate and personal.
And that's why I signed for Planet of
Books in this Christmas campaign. ”

And his interest in books, since when does he come?

I myself have been a literary character, how can I not like books? In addition, I consider that literature is consubstantial to intelligence and that is why whenever I have a moment I like to broaden my horizons with a reading. And I think everyone should do the same.

We already know that you will not have had time to start researching the best books for all readers, but … What readings would you recommend, for example, to your acquaintances and family this Christmas?

Very easy. I would give my flatmate and dear Doctor Watson Eat real food from Carlos Ríos, so you can start taking care of yourself at once! And also the winning novel of the 2019 Planet Award, Terra Alta, because he will know how to empathize very well with the main character, a policeman tormented by his past. Surely as a former combatant who is the doctor, he is very interested in building the character that Javier Cercas has written.

I would give my dear landlady, Mrs. Hudson The negotiated yin and yang, by Eduardo Mendoza. He will have a good time with the adventures of the protagonist during the second half of the twentieth century. And since I know that I always spoil myself with food, I would add the latest from Arguiñano, Cook day by day. You will have recipes for the whole year!

To my brother Mycroft, the new spy novel by John le Carré, A decent man. I've never seen him enjoy it so much, if that verb can be used with him, like when he reads his works. And do not miss a little political and economic news. So this year I would also give Capital and ideology from Thomas Piketty. Surely it is the envy of all his companions of the Diogenes Club.

I would also have clear literary gifts for my nemesis, the evil Moriarty. Surely you would enjoy the beautiful with the thriller Chain, by Adrian McKinty … Although I don't know if I would take it more as an inspirational exercise than as an entertainment. Now, and knowing what he likes to terrorize people, another sure gift would be a copy of the bloody Foundation, by Carlos Sisí.

On the other hand, I think that the ordinary although friendly Inspector Lestrade would enjoy the investigations of the protagonist of The north face of the heart, of Dolores Redondo. And he still hadn't thought about it, but it sure will help him a lot in his cases to have a little more confidence in himself. So another perfect book for him would be The power to trust you, from Curro Cañete.

Finally, for the enigmatic and always disturbing Irene Adler, elementary: Bad woman, from Naomi Casquet. I think that the strength and independence of this book on female sexuality is all that Adler represents. He will love it, it was time to have such a book!

Thank you very much, Mr. Holmes, we are sure you will do a great job this Christmas! By the way, one last question, pure curiosity: is it true that you have never really used the expression "Elementary, dear Watson"?

You are very shrewd! Indeed, I have never used it. In my books And I know that journalists like to use the written source. But if I talk about my day to day and being honest, he will be fed up with the times he will hear me say! It is a phrase that I started to use at a certain time and that I ended up doing mine. So it has become "elementary" in my vocabulary.

We say goodbye to the detective as he leafs through some copies in the press room. The latest installment of Millennium especially his interest, perhaps because of the sagacity that characterizes its protagonist.

This Christmas, give away books

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