Cordova. Friday May 8, 2020. The VOX spokesperson at the Córdoba City Council, Paula Badanelli, has broken down the contributions of the formation of Santiago Abascal to the Shock Plan which is expected to be approved next week. He also wanted to highlight previously the climate of collaboration that exists with the Popular Group that has welcomed its initiatives under the umbrella of understanding.

Regarding the axes of action for VOX, the proposals of axis three related to economic reactivation take on special importance. "It would be effective to be able to open the range of you help all that society or SME that demonstrates a drop in income and negotiate with the bank the granting of loans at zero interest for those companies that are not eligible for the aid, "explained the municipal spokeswoman.

In addition, Vox have explained to the government team the disagreement with the aid provided only for companies that recover one hundred percent of their activity. “We have proposed that aid be scaled for every worker who recovers from ERTE. In addition, the planned departure triples and reaches the 900,000 euros. We are also happy with the help for business rental, this measure benefits both the company and the person who rents, but we request its expansion 500,000 euros go to 1.5 million ”, Badanelli qualifies.

Vox has supported the measures contemplated in the Shock Plan and which are related to intensifying work in the Strategic plan, as well as in the tourist and cultural sectors.

Creation of the Local Council of Solidarity

Badanelli has expressed his approval to create a Local Council of Solidarity, because it is fair and necessary that it focuses on meeting the needs of the city. "There are associations that know first-hand the needs of Córdoba and have been working on this for years, such as Cáritas, Adoratrices, among others, who have been mistreated by the previous government."

Lastly, it should be noted that Vox has made an important commitment to the local commerce of the city and to the economic recovery in SMEs, “we must help those who can create jobs, which is a priority right now. We have to help our companies to correct any situation derived from this crisis, starting with aid to adapt their activity with essential sanitary measures, "concludes the municipal spokesperson for VOX.

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