06-06-2019 | Cs

The deputy denounces that the person in charge of investigating an alleged aggression for ideological reasons 'is a CKD militant and separatist activist'

"It's hard to believe in the neutrality of territorial education services filled with yellow ties." This has been said by the deputy and spokesperson on education of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Sonia Sierra, when asking the Minister of Education, Josep Bargalló, about the alleged assault on a student in a school in Terrassa by his teacher for drawing a flag of Spain.

Sierra has denounced that the person in charge of investigating the alleged aggression "is an activist of CKD and activist of separatism" and has explained that "his first step in front of the territorial services of education of Vallés Occidental was to fill everything with yellow ties" . With this fact, the deputy added that "it is hard to believe the neutrality of the administration full of partisan symbols" and regretted that in the report of the Department of Education "it is stated that there has been no type of ideological motivation."

Finally, the spokesperson said that Bargalló "believes the highest educational authority in Catalonia" but that "luckily, above are laws and justice." "The laws serve to protect the weakest of the bad rulers," he has sentenced.

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