07-09-2019 | Cs

The deputy celebrates that the Parliament approves the proposal of Cs on an education in equality

"Education plays a fundamental role in achieving real and effective equality between men and women." This has been said by the deputy of Citizens (Cs), Sonia Sierra, in the education commission to defend a motion for a resolution proposed by Cs on education in equality. Sierra explained that the orange formation "has as its fundamental objective the defense of freedom and equality" and pointed out that the orange text has a gender perspective.

Sierra explained that the proposal encourages explaining the achievements of women throughout history, usually ignored in textbooks and that gender roles in classrooms are broken. It also specifies that there is an equitable distribution of the playground of the schools, usually dominated by the boys and the technical careers among the women are encouraged.

The deputy has celebrated that the Parlament has approved the proposal of Cs unanimously and has affirmed that "if we continue blind before the differences and injustices provoked by a patriarchal society, we will continue with the same problems".

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