06-27-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs presents the proposed law of Cs so that textbooks and curricular material are free in Catalan schools

"We are committed to Catalan students can study on equal terms." This was stated by the deputy and spokesperson on education of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Sonia Sierra, after discussing the proposed law by Cs of free textbooks and curricular material.

The orange deputy explained that, currently, "the Catalan education system does not guarantee cohesion" because "studying in one language as we are led to believe by nationalists is not what guarantees cohesion, but the quality of the system and equity " He explained that the system of book loans proposed by Cs "would guarantee that all students get schooling on equal terms and would allow families to save", in addition to "fostering the responsibility of students with shared resources and sustainable development" .

Sierra pointed out that the proposed law of Cs has already been approved in other autonomous communities and recalled that the last legislature in the Parlament vetoed the proposal by the independentistas. The deputy has also compared the cost of the initiative with the priorities of the Government. "The Generalitat has more than 200 high-handed positions that charge more than the president of the government and that cost 36 million euros," he has ruled.

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