The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, today signed, within the framework of FITUR, the action protocol for the certification of 'Fair, Socially Responsible Hotels' with the UGT State Services Federation, the CC Services Federation. OO and the University of Malaga. The event was attended by the Ministers of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and Labor and Social Economy, Reyes Maroto and Yolanda Díaz.

It is an initiative of the main trade union organizations in the country in collaboration with the University of Malaga for the promotion of sustainable development and decent work.

Reyes Maroto stressed that “we have to put people at the center of tourism policy because we cannot grow without social justice. Today we have taken a very important step, but we must continue working to dignify employment in the sector and advance in quality and professionalization. Quality employment is a competitive advantage of our sector. ”

For Yolanda Díaz, "This certification system is socially responsible Fair Hotels is presented as an international reference, given the important role that Spain plays in the tourism field, and a pioneering project that can be implemented in the whole sector."

The HJSR certification system will be composed of various requirements that will provide information on the different dimensions of corporate social responsibility and will be the basis for a global assessment of a “fair hotel” from a labor point of view with its workers. Among the categories that will be analyzed are: the company-worker relationship, employment, health and safety at work, training, diversity and equal opportunities and pay equity.

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