Antonio Silván durante su intervención en el Senado

The spokesperson for Agenda Urbana of the GPP affirms that León "is the ugly duckling of the railway policy of the Government of Sánchez"

The spokesperson for Agenda Urbana of the Popular Group and senator for León, Antonio Silván, has stated that "the railway infrastructures in León, with the Government of Sánchez, are leaking" and recalled that a week ago the station was flooded, despite It was inaugurated only 9 years ago by the socialist minister, José Blanco.

Silván has defended today, in the Transport Committee of the Upper Chamber, a motion of his Group in which he urges the Government of Spain to fulfill its investment commitment in the railway projects of León, which are suffering stoppages and delays, and has asked all parliamentary groups for their support because "Galicia, Asturias, León, all of Castilla y León, and Spain need it."

The popular spokesman has accused the Government of Sánchez of "wanting to erase León from the railway map, both for the High Speed ​​and conventional and regional rail services" and has reproached Minister Ábalos "for his total insensitivity to the history of the railway in Spain and in León ”.


"León is the ugly duckling of the Sánchez Government's railway policy," Silván asserted and wondered why the minister does not want to invest and bet on the train in northern Spain. “Ábalos prefers to defend investments in other territories, he prefers to visit Barajas at night, he prefers to appoint friends of President Sánchez to high positions, rather than invest in León, Castilla y León, Galicia and Asturias. It is the sad reality, ”Silván pointed out.

In this sense, he highlighted that Ábalos "has suspended AVE trains to León and the AVANT service does not reach the city, despite the fact that it does arrive in Valladolid and there is no technical impediment that prevents it from circulating". In addition, it has denounced that "the hotel trains continue without services due to their null management and the hotel train Barcelona-León-Galicia has been suppressed by article 33".

"We are talking about AVE and AVANT trains, but the same happens with conventional rail service, regional and medium distance services: cuts, cuts and cuts and, deletions, deletions and deletions," he said emphatically, while has shown his indignation with the "bizarre alternatives" carried out by the Ministry, such as "I remove the train and put a minibus, resulting in zero users. A real slap to the people of León, to common sense and to the XXI century ”, the PP senator stressed.

According to Silván, for 2 years the policy of the Ministry of Transport in relation to the railroad in the province of León has consisted of "paralyzing investments, lack of control in works, cuts, divestment and suppressions."


On the other hand, the spokesperson for the Urban Agenda of the GPP has denounced the “blockade of the narrow gauge train, the FEVE, so important for rural Spain in León. "Zero investment, nothing that was promised two years ago."

He has also remarked that the Pajares variant remains unfinished and put into service, that the "absolute abandonment of rail freight traffic" remains unresolved and that the Atlantic Corridor "languishes", for which he has requested "progress and investments" for said infrastructure because "it would benefit the entire north and northwest of Spain and would be a source of economic activity."

Finally, the senator for León recalled that it was a Popular Party government that bet, in 2015, "for the railway León" and put the province on the High Speed ​​map, with a Madrid-León journey of 2 hours. "León has always been the railway junction of the Spanish northwest and today it is the ugly duckling, along with Asturias and Galicia", he highlighted.

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