Social Security affiliates linked to tourism activities grew 3.2% year-on-year in December, reaching a total of 2,395,030 members, according to the data included in the Tourism Employment Report prepared by Turespaña, under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and spread today. It is the highest figure in the historical series for a month of December.

Employment in tourism activities has added 75,026 workers in the last year, representing 12.4% of the total affiliates in the national economy.
Since the approval of the Master Plan for Decent Work in August 2018, 90,681 workers in the hospitality sector have improved their working conditions, according to data included in the first phase report of crash plans 2019 prepared by the Ministry of Labor, Migrations and Social Security.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, values ​​these data very positively because, “in addition to assuming a new affiliation record for a month of December, they show that tourism has established itself as a great vector for job creation by over other economic sectors. ”

Oliver highlights the good results of the Master Plan for Decent Work, which “has improved the quality of employment of thousands of workers in the hospitality sector, showing that you can grow with social justice,” and notes that “the new Government will continue betting on policies that contribute to the generation of stable and quality employment ”.

Affiliation by sectors and communities

Of the 75,026 occupational discharges in December, 44,228 correspond to hospitality. The section "other activities" rose by 28,868 members and travel agencies had an increase of 1,930 workers. The report highlights the positive performance of this branch of activity since December 2014, as it had reduced employment figures continuously in the previous six years (2008-2014).

Tourist employment grew in all Autonomous Communities. In absolute figures, employment in the hotel and travel agencies / tour operators as a whole experienced its greatest increase in Andalusia, the Community of Madrid, Catalonia and the Valencian Community. In absolute values, Andalusia was the community in which the wage earners and the self-employed grew the most. Finally, in relative terms, the year-on-year increases in Andalusia (4.1%) and Comunidad Valenciana (4.1%) stand out.

The full report can be found here:

Results of the Master Plan for Decent Work in Hospitality

Since the approval of the Master Plan for Decent Work in August 2019, 51,522 temporary contracts have been transformed into law fraud, 2,235 extensions of working hours have been made and 36,924 irregular jobs have emerged thanks to the work and commitment of the members of the Labor Inspection and Social Security System.

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