The number of processes in force at December 31, 2019 reached 6,878, compared to 5,893 granted in 2018. The annual growth recorded each year – in 2019 was 16.7% – confirms the need for a benefit that allows The workers combine the care of their children with serious illness with their professional task. The average duration of the processes that ended in this last year was 406.64 days.

Last year, Social Security expanded the catalog of serious medical conditions that may lead to recognition of the benefit and included three new pediatric pathologies. In addition, it established the possibility of giving coverage to other serious pathologies that, by express indication of the physician, require permanent care under hospital admission or home hospitalization. This completes the regulations approved in 2011 -Real Decree 1148 / 2011- by which the benefit was created. It also includes a model medical statement about the need for continued care of the child called "Medical statement for the care of children affected by cancer or other serious illness."

Nine years of validity

The provision for the care of children with cancer or serious illness, in force for nine years, is an economic benefit that allows biological parents, adoptive or welcoming parents to reduce their working hours by at least 50% for the care of their children. Minor in charge affected by cancer or other serious illness. The condition is that both parents work, although only one of them is recognized.

In the nine years of validity, Social Security has recognized this subsidy – mostly through mutual funds – to 17,597 families.

The requirements to receive the economic benefit are to be affiliated and registered in a Social Security scheme and have the minimum contribution period required, which, for those over 26 years of age, is 180 days within the 7 years immediately preceding.

The economic benefit of the subsidy is calculated on 100% of the regulatory base established for the temporary disability benefit, derived from professional contingencies. The benefit is extinguished when the need for direct, continuous and permanent care of the child ceases or when the child turns 18.

Applications are available on the Social Security website

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