In the month, the system incorporated 85,735 affiliates (0.45%), this is the largest increase in this month since 2015 (96,909).

In addition, the highest number of women employed in the monthly series of February was registered with a total of 8,978,764 workers, a figure that represents an increase of 40,546.

The balance of the last 12 months (February / February) is 361,757 new members, with an interannual rate close to 2% (1.92%), which improves the one recorded in January (1.83%). It is the first time, since April 2019, that the pace of annual growth is accelerated.

If the seasonal component is discarded, the average membership increased last February by 56,157 people, bringing the total figure, one more month, above 19 million (19,488,378).

As for the average monthly membership, it grew in all the regimes that make up the System. With regard to the interannual, it increased in the General Regime and the Autonomous Regime – the two main regimes of the system – and retreated in Mar y Carbon. Specifically, among self-employed workers, it grew by 6,777 average members.

Regarding 2019

The interannual data, as already indicated, reflected a growth of 361,757 people, this represents an increase close to 2% (1.92) compared to 2019. The total average membership figure reached a maximum in the February series as it stood in 19,250,229 people employed. Of this figure, 344,365 correspond to the General Regime, which experienced an increase of 2.21%; 2.75% (396.176) not counting the Special Home Systems (-13.506) or the S.E. Agrarian (38,305).

The Special Regime for Autonomous Workers totaled 18,244 compared to February 2019. The Regime of the Sea decreased by 511 employed (-0.82%). Coal registered 341 fewer members (-21.43%).

The number of affiliates increased in most of the autonomous communities and cities. The increases in Madrid (87,001), Catalonia (55,396), Andalusia (55,256) and Comunidad Valenciana (48,826) stood out. Membership only declined in Extremadura (-312) and Melilla (-136).

Regarding January

Membership in the General Regime increased in February by 78,010 (0.21%), which put the total number of affiliates at 15,929,151, a figure that displaces the monthly record -in a February- reached in 2019 (the integration of the Agrarian regimes and Home as special systems occurred in 2012).

It is a month of February in which there was growth in most sectors, said Hospitality, with 26,184 more affiliates (2.15%); Construction, which added 26,035 people (3.05%); Education, 21,026 (2.14%); and Manufacturing Industries with 10,001 more employees (0.54%).

Within the General Regime, it should be noted that the Special Agricultural System experienced a decrease of 15,809 average members in relation to January (2.07%), which places the number of employed persons at 746,739. The Special System of Household Employees, meanwhile, is practically maintained, since it has 155 affiliates (0.04%), so it now reaches 394,151 average members.

The Autonomous Regime has 3,257,896 average members, after growing in 6,777 people (0.21%). Among the Regime of the Sea, employment increased by 956 (1.57%), to 61,932 average members. Finally, Coal stands at 1,250 average affiliates (-7).

By territories, membership grows in all autonomous communities and cities, highlighting Catalonia (21,153), Balearic Islands (12,655), Community of Madrid (10,616) and Region of Murcia (7,260).

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