The average affiliation to Social Security was 19,442,113 employed in the last month, the highest figure in the series of the months of May. In fact, it is the second largest record in the historical series since data are available, only exceeded in July 2007 (19,493,050).

Employment in the month grew by 211,752 workers (1.10%), and in the last 12 months the system increased by more than half a million (526,446), 2.78%.

This month of May records for the first time a figure of women employed above 9 million (9,043,749). As for men, the number of workers reaches 10,398,364.

The General Regime reaches 16,097,438 affiliated people; it is the highest record in the historical series.

Regarding 2018

In relation to last year, the System won 526,446 employees, 2.78%. The good behavior of the General Regime stands out, which incorporates 510,814 workers (3.28%). Within the General Scheme, the Special Agrarian System practically remains, although it computes 530 fewer employed persons (-0.07%), while the Special Household System registers 13,282 fewer affiliates (-3.16%).

The number of members in the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers experienced an interannual increase of 16,457 employed persons (0.50%). The Sea Regime fell by 0.15% (98) and Coal registered a decrease of 728 workers (-32.15%).

In the last year, the affiliation to the Social Security has grown in all the autonomous communities, headed by Madrid (3.50%), the Valencian Community (3.38%); Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia Region (3.28%).

Regarding April

The Social Security system registered an increase of 211,752 average members in the last month.

The General Scheme led this rise with 200,386 more members (1.26%), to stand at 16,097,438 workers. It is the record is the highest of the entire historical series. In this regime, affiliation grew in absolute terms in most sectors of activity, mainly in Hospitality, which totals 76,591 employed in this month (5.72%); Administrative Activities and Auxiliary Services (23,157), Health Activities and Social Services (16,193) and Commerce; Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (12,528). It slightly decreases in Financial and Insurance Activities (-120).

The Special System of Domestic Employees decreased by 1,140 employed persons (-0.28%) and now reaches 406,865. As for the Special Agrarian System, it won 25,894 affiliates on average (3.31%), reaching 808,255.

The Autonomous Regime has 3,277,855 people, after increasing by 11,114 (0.34%) in the last month. The Special Regime of the Sea, meanwhile, added 272 employees (0.42%) to stand at 65,284 employed. Finally, Carbon is located in 1,537 average affiliates (-21).

In May, the membership has increased in almost all the autonomous communities, and with special intensity in the Balearic Islands, which totals 52,528 people (10.40%). Only low in the Canary Islands (-478)

The seasonally adjusted data, which serves to monitor the underlying trend underlying the evolution of affiliation, shows a growth of 26,549 workers compared to the month of April.

Emphasizes the affiliate / pensioner relationship, which stands at 2.32.

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