To date, more than two million letters and about six million SMS have been sent with information on the worker's labor relations in those years and their contribution bases updated as of the date of extraction of the report.

The annual campaign of work life reports was made every year between 2011 and 2017 with information related to the previous year, but it was not carried out in 2018. For this reason, on this occasion the report on work life and contribution bases covers both 2017 and 2018.

As in previous campaigns, the reports will be sent on paper to the worker's home if their mobile phone does not appear in the Social Security database, a situation in which around 30% of the workers in the whole of Spain : 6.5 million workers. Those who have provided their telephone number, 16.1 million, will receive an SMS message informing them that they have it available at the Electronic Office of Social Security in the Service "Communication of Work Life and Contribution Bases to workers", from the Citizens / Reports section.


Specifically, in the report of working life and contribution bases we will find the days that we have been high in each of the exercises, situations of multi-employment and multi-activity, part-time coefficient, if any, and collective agreement that protect in every situation. The latter is one of the novelties of this campaign.

In addition, the Quotation Bases section will include the bases of 2017, 2018 and from January 2019 until the last available settlement period. For workers with 60 or more years, the information of the contribution bases has been extended to the last twenty-one years, since the amount of their future retirement pension is linked to them.

Another important novelty is that next to the usual report with data on the current situation of the worker, a second Report is incorporated under the title "Information of interest of his contribution in the year 2018", which will be received by the employed persons who have been given high in 2018.

This information of interest will be received by all workers who have been discharged in 2018 by companies that have made the payment of quotas through the Direct Liquidation System. The information you will include is:

  • Annual cumulative common contingency contribution base and evolutionary chart of the monthly contribution bases of 2018.
  • Cumulative calculated amount of the 2018 quotas, distinguishing the contribution of the company and that of the worker.
  • Labor relations maintained in 2018 as a household employer: days of discharge and amount of compensation.
  • Situations of temporary disability and maternity, paternity, risk during pregnancy and lactation, in 2018.
  • High canceled in 2018 by RED Authorized, if any.
  • Situation on the entry of Social Security contributions, in cases where the worker is responsible for the income.

Social Security reminds workers of the need to verify that their work life data and contribution bases correspond to the periods in which they have contributed and by the bases that have done so. These data are essential when receiving benefits such as, for example, the case of retirement pensions or other benefits such as maternity or paternity, whose regulation requires minimum contribution periods. In addition, the amount of pensions corresponds to the contribution bases and the number of years quoted.

Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security

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