Social Security will reopen face-to-face care in its offices on June 25

To go to an INSS office it will be essential to have requested a prior appointment, whose service will also be operational on June 25.

With the aim of guaranteeing compliance with health safety protocols, there will be a capacity limit and a greater anticipated time of attention for each visit. The attendance hours will be, as before closing, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you want to make an appointment at an INSS office to request a benefit, for example, you must call the phone line: 901 106 570 or enter your Web page.

Mandatory data must be provided on each channel. Initially, only the CAISS (Social Security Information and Service Centers) that have the appropriate conditions to guarantee health security and make it possible to maintain the proper distance will reopen.

Social Security has reinforced attention in recent months through telematic channels so that most of the procedures can be carried out through the Electronic Office of Social Security or the website. Proof of this is that during the pandemic, the INSS, for example, has resolved more than 250,000 benefits requested in this way and in just one week it has received the demand of more than 300,000 households of the Minimum Vital Income only telematically.

During this time, the Social Security virtual assistant, ISSA, has been launched, which allows citizens to consult online any questions they may have regarding procedures and benefits. In addition, telephone service to the public will be promoted with the aim of facilitating procedures for citizens and avoiding unnecessary travel.

'We help you'

On the other hand, the General Treasury of Social Security (TGSS) through a single point of attention to the citizen, "We help you" -located on the website and Electronic Office of Social Security-, will guide users to carry out their efforts affiliation, contribution and payment of debt, being able to be assisted through various channels by civil servants. In the event that it is necessary and it has not been possible to carry out the procedure electronically, the citizen will be contacted to make an appointment at their offices.

It is a comprehensive service to deal with citizens' queries and procedures.

For his part, the Social Institute of the Navy (ISM) It opened its offices on June 8.

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