The majority of Melillenses did not support the tripartite, much less Eduardo de Castro who did not vote for him at home, in fact he has hidden and does not appear for the general elections.

The candidate of the Popular Party for Melilla to the Senate, says that “the expansion project of the Commercial Port is the most important in the history of Melilla, because we would be able to expand 25 hectares to the existing port, a space that would be won over the sea despite the characteristics of the city, in which 1/3 of its 13 square kilometers is affected by the National Defense, in addition to being Melilla one of the cities with greater population today and facing the next fifteen years, according to the National Institute of Statistics INE ”.

"The Popular Party has always defended and has been defending the Port expansion project for years and tried to draw the support of the Government of Spain, a support we only get when the Popular Party rules," he emphasizes.

Sofía Acedo, believes that “regardless of the improvement that we would achieve for the port activity if this expansion of the port occurs, there is the economic impact that would entail for Melilla, because at the time that 295 million euros of the General Budgets of the State for our city, jobs are already being generated directly and indirectly, a way to combat the high unemployment rate we have in our city. ”

“Taking into account that in Melilla we do not have factories or industry, but we have a sector focused on Hospitality, Commerce and Tourism, if we continue working on the line that the Popular Party embodied with the Port expansion project We would make Melilla bigger, we could move the unhealthy companies of the city there with the aim of improving environmental quality and freeing up space for urban development, which would also generate employment ”.

As planned, Sofía Acedo recalls “the European Union free zone that would involve the expansion of the Commercial Port for the establishment of logistics and industrial zone, a measure that was supported by the Government of the Popular Party, and promoted with the approval of the instruments administrative that had to give rise to that great city project, with its master plan, the new delimitation of spaces and port uses with the inclusion of the second water zone, space where the extension would be built, or the creation of construction projects ” .

He points out that “the file for the environmental impact of the Port expansion project is currently being processed. Therefore, all this was left budgeted by the Government of the Popular Party that must have been a reality for Melilla. ”

Sofía Acedo, wonders “why the project of expansion of the Port is not going to be carried out, or why 295 million euros that the PP Government left budgeted will stop coming to our city”, while attributing the motive, "to the change of color and priorities of the Local Government and its lack of political will."

He reproaches, that “the PSOE usually puts in evidence the fact that, for them 'Melilla is not a priority' every time they are in charge of the government's administration and with the approval of Coalition by Melilla, their priority partner of all life".

Ask Coalition for Melilla and the new president of the Port Authority, "what interests do they defend, if they defend those of Melilla and Spain or those of Morocco."

"It is amazing that Víctor Gamero, appointed by the Castro Government and proposed by CpM, goes on to say that Morocco has a container terminal under construction 25 kilometers from Melilla, and argues that it would conflict with what is done in the city" . "If private investment were needed as this man says, the expansion of the Port would not have been included in the General State Budget, because they are not made with private money, but with public money," he adds.

"Melilla has no AVE, no highways, we have the possibility of developing by sea and air, which was a conviction of the PP and its political will passed by." it states.

The Popular Party understands that the president of the Port Authority, is folded to the interests of Coalition for Melilla, because he defends first the port of Morocco and second, the construction of an airport that they call intercontinental. ”“ Geographically speaking, intercontinental already we are, because we connect two continents, what is not Melilla airport is international. What interests does the new president of the Port defend? ”Added Sofía Acedo.

The candidate of the PP to the Senate, censures that “the tripartite government declares itself to be defenders of the interests of Melilla's businessmen and border merchants, and does not say 'this mouth is mine' with respect to the unilateral closure of commercial customs” .

Sofía Acedo, did not miss the statements of Jaime Bustillo regarding the online game, “a project that we understand of development for Melilla and that we support taking effect when the PP was in the Government, established the right climate for the implementation of companies of this sector in the city ”. "What we do not understand, is why before the Socialist Party spoke that these types of companies were generators and promotion of gambling and now support them."

The popular, asks the tripartite government, "say a single project they have for Melilla that was not already projected by the previous Government of the Popular Party" "Participatory budgets is a city project?".

The majority of Melillenses did not support the tripartite, much less Eduardo de Castro who did not vote for him at home, in fact he has hidden and does not appear for the general elections. The PP would have loved to attend the elections of November 10 by the Senate, where not only the party is voted, but also the politician and his administration. ”

“What the Castro Government has to do is pay the bills, because the PP left the average payment period in 28 days allowing the surplus in sustainable financial projects and investments to take effect. Melilla has a Government with five months of management and five months of unpaid bills. What they have to do is start managing and stop lashing out at the Popular Party and live off their income, because there comes a time when they run out. It would be important that at some point they presented a project for Melilla, ”he said.

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