According to data published by Eurostat, in 2018 the European Union had about 8.9 million ICT experts working in the economies, which is equivalent to an average of 3.9% of total employment.

The EU-28 countries with the highest proportion of ICT experts are Finland with 7.2% and Sweden with 6.8%. Estonia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom exceed 5%, while Belgium and Malta are somewhat below. Among the countries that are above the average are Austria, Denmark, Ireland and France, among others. Germany stays at the average of 3.9%.

The remaining EU-28 countries do not reach the average. In Spain, ICT professionals have increased to approximately 620,000 in 2018, which is equivalent to 3.2% of total employment. The figures are already down to 2.8% in Italy and 2.4% in Portugal. They close the classification Greece with 1.8% and Latvia with 1.7%.

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