12-09-2019 | Cs

The MEP for Citizens (Cs), Soraya Rodríguez, believes that Europe 'must engage in the defense of the human rights of Iranian women and girls'

"We have managed to have Europe debate about the liberation of the three Iranian activists," explained MEP, Soraya Rodríguez, and "thanks to an urgent resolution presented by the delegation of Citizens." The resolution, which will be put to the vote next week in Strasbourg, "demands the immediate release of the three women convicted of fighting the imposition of the veil in Iran."

For Rodriguez, it is very important to launch two messages from the European Parliament. The first, to the Commission because "it has responded very lukewarmly to this last sentence." In this regard, it is important to clarify that "any political dialogue with Iran will have a very clear political priority," he said, "and is the defense of the human rights of women and girls in Iran."

The second, said the MEP, "is for Iranian women." "They should know that they are not alone, that the European Parliament will be the speaker of their complaints," he added, "and that we will be there, with them, resisting in the streets and in prisons."

"We must be aware that the Iranian regime has intensified persecution and harassment against women activists," he recalled, "women who are also leading a civic movement to reaffirm their rights and freedoms," he concluded.

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