06-21-2019 | Cs

The president of the Cortes of Castilla y León asks to "work tirelessly to stop the abandonment" in the community

The President of the Cortes of Castile and Leon, Luis Fuentes, said today that "it is time for change", but "not only change policies, but also attitudes". Fuentes, during his inauguration speech, has asserted that the Castilians and Leonese are facing "a new era" to which, yes, "it has not been easy" to arrive.

"They have had to spend 32 years so that a representative of a non-majority group and, therefore, of consensus, will again preside over the most plural Chamber of our autonomic history", explained the representative of Citizens, who has shown a " immense emotion "and" pride "for presiding over the Cortes.

Fuentes also pointed out that "ahead, there are four years" in which Castilla y León faces "great challenges" in its "most immediate horizon". "And although all these challenges are unquestionable, it is undoubtedly the objective of attracting and fixing the population that should concentrate most of our efforts."

In this sense, the president of the regional Parliament has said that "we must work tirelessly to stop the abandonment in our community," especially, he said, "rural areas." "Let's fight so that not a single young person has to pack," Fuentes has requested.

"The courts can not be a place for confrontation, they must be a place for agreement," said Liberal representative, who stressed that citizens are "fed up with sectarianism and bad forms." "It is the citizens who should guide our efforts, our unity of action and our work," he said.

And, in the words of Luis Fuentes, "politics is a vocation for service" and, "without that vocation, this office becomes sterile noise and a source of frustrations". Given this, the president of the Cortes has stressed his commitment to the legislative functions and control of the Government are carried out "with maximum transparency and maximum rigor."

At this point, Fuentes has made it clear that, from today, he will work "hard to build agreements from honesty, honesty and, above all, from humility", especially because citizens "want to trust their politicians and feel that they are useful here, in the seat of popular sovereignty. "

"I invite you to open a new time, a period in which all the institutions and economic and social agents forge an unavoidable commitment," added Fuentes, referring to the recovery of the industrial fabric, the creation of employment, access to housing, the improvement of infrastructure, health and education. "Let us work with the pride of being representatives of our land," he concluded.

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