The National Federation of Leisure and Entertainment Entrepreneurs has held, at the headquarters of the CEOE, its General Assembly in which it has approved the change of name and denomination of the organization, which, from now on, will be known as Spain by Night and leave behind the acronym of Fasyde.

Likewise, during the assembly the creation of the Touristic Cluster of Nightlife and Shows, constituted by the most important discos, clubs and concert halls in Spain, with greater international projection and committed to tourist quality.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Secretary of State Isabel Oliver, and was attended by José Alberto González-Ruiz, CEOE General Secretary, Pilar Jurado, President of the SGAE, Carlos Novillo, Director of the Security Agency and Emergencies Madrid 112, Rafael Izquierdo, head of Public Affairs of Pernod Ricard Iberia, and the president of Noche de España, Ramón Más.

The change of the brand of the business association aims to contribute to the re-establishment of the sector association of nightlife in Spain, taking as its starting point the full integration in CEOE, with the aim of intensifying the institutional agenda of the sector, and taking as fundamental pillars the renewal and modernization of the sector, its tourist and cultural dimension, backed by the presence in the act of the Secretary of State for Tourism and the president of the SGAE.

In this regard, Oliver stressed "the importance of the nightlife sector for one of the fundamental pillars of the Spanish economy such as tourism and its necessary commitment to excellence and innovation."

On the other hand, the participation in the act of the Deputy Minister of Security and Emergencies of the Community of Madrid exemplifies the desire for dialogue and the need to address the improvements that allow updating the regulatory regulations of the shows in Spanish society, in the line of the recent renovation of the catalog of public establishments approved by the Community of Madrid.

In the same way, the intervention of Pernod Ricard Iberia allows to lay the foundations of the necessary sector alliance between the companies of the sector with the main brands and economic operators of nightlife to boost business excellence, commitment to quality and sustainability of nightlife.

The generation of the baby boom, remember and the increase in tourist activity star in the recovery of the night

The leisure sector has recovered the path of growth. After years of retreat, 2016, the year of the recovery of the 10% cultural VAT in the discos, marked the turning point in its evolution, with an adjustment of its dimensions in terms of number of companies, but of growth in terms of turnover.

In fact, during 2019, the sector has grown globally by 4% in turnover, at a time of profound renewal of the business model and opening of new stores in the main Spanish capitals and cities. On the other hand, there has been a decline in the number of companies between 3% and 5%, mainly in the emptied Spain, where some stores are still closed and lost.

On the other hand, In the last 10 years, the tourist activity in nightlife has grown by more than 25%, which, at the moment, accounts for 30.9% of its turnover.

In this context, 2020 should be the year of consolidation and expansion of new phenomena and trends in nightlife. These happen, mainly, by the extension of the age groups of the public consumer of nightlife, which reaches up to 64 years (known as the baby boom generation that starred in the 80s), or the novelty that is supposed to be the strip 36 to 45 years of age in which there is a greater increase in consumption and night outings. At the same time, traditionally evening leisure hours are extended in the afternoon, making nighttime entertainment more diurnal and driving the fusion between leisure, restoration and dance floor.

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