The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, has participated electronically in the meeting of the G20 Tourism Ministers. In his speech, Maroto stressed that "for Spain it is a priority at the moment to accelerate the multilateral instruments to restart safe international travel, both the OECD initiative" Blueprint for safe international travel "and the" Digital Green Pass "that develops the European Union". The G20 is committed to supporting, complementing and coordinating these international initiatives in which Spain actively participates. As the minister explained, "for Spain it is a priority to guarantee safe mobility to restore confidence in travel and reactivate international tourism and the Spanish economy in general."

During the meeting, the guidelines developed for the G20 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to structure the recovery of tourism, based on seven policy areas: safe mobility; crisis management; resilience; inclusiveness; green transformation; digital transition; and investment and infrastructure.

The G20 work will also focus on the green transformation of the tourism industry and the need to support the evolution of global tourism towards sustainability.

In this sense, the Minister of Tourism recalled that another priority of the Spanish Government is to launch the Plan for the Transformation and Modernization of the tourism sector that will allow the mobilization of 3,400 million euros of public investment in the next three years financed with the Next Generation EU.

“Our objective is to maintain Spain's leadership in world tourism and for this we will address, together with the reactivation of the sector, the transformations necessary to modernize our tourism model, with pillars based on sustainability, quality, safety and digitization as a sheet of route ”, explained Maroto.

One of the fundamental and backbone elements of the Plan is sustainability, which is addressed preferentially through investment in a tourist destination, through Tourism Sustainability Plans. Another priority is the digitization of tourist destinations and companies to facilitate their access to more markets and tourists that are increasingly digitized and connected.

In the last two years, Spain has accumulated extensive experience in tourism intelligence and has developed a network of smart tourism destinations.

The minister ended with a message of hope about the future of the tourism and travel sector, “hope for the advancement of vaccination around the world, which we wish to accelerate. Hope because we are going to have tools to promote safe international mobility and we are going to undertake a profound transformation of the tourism sector to guarantee its future, which will be sustainable, based on quality, digital and safe ”.

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