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That is why the European Union decided to set educational goals to be achieved in the year 2020. One of them was to ensure that at least 40% of the population between 30 and 34 years of age had an education equivalent to tertiary education. According to the data that Eurostat has just published for 2018, the EU-28 has already managed to surpass the 40% target by reaching an average of 40.7% last year.

The two most advanced countries – both above 57% – are Lithuania and Cyprus, followed at a short distance by Ireland and Luxembourg. Sweden registers 52%, while the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom are around 49%. France reaches 46.2%, Greece 44.3% and Finland 44.2%.

In Spain, the young population with tertiary education continues to increase year after year. In 2018 we have reached 42.4% and everything seems to indicate that our country could reach 44% in 2020, which is the objective set for Spain by the EU.

Below the average are, among others, Germany, Portugal and Italy. Next to them are six countries of recent accession, closing the Romania classification with 24.6%.

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