Spain proposes in the G20 to work on homogeneous measures to create safe destinations that contribute to recover tourism

The minister transferred to her counterparts the dimension of the impact of the health crisis on the tourism sector and on the Spanish economy as a whole, and stressed the need for the measures adopted in the transition period to be homogeneous or at least compatible between the different countries for the recovery to be successful.

In his speech he mentioned the packages of support measures approved and implemented by the Government of Spain in order to minimize the effects on the tourism sector and establish the foundations for future recovery. Thus, he explained that the Ministry is working on the development of a 'scorecard' based on tourism knowledge -through the collection and treatment of data and indicators to forecast scenarios and behaviors and implement appropriate public policies-, as well as in the promotion of the destination Spain, which will be staggered and tailored, depending on the recovery of the issuing markets.

Tourism ministers from the G20 member countries and invited countries participated, as well as representatives of different international organizations.

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