The Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés, urged today to advance in an "international response as coordinated and coherent as possible" that allows "to reactivate mobility in a safe way" while the vaccination campaign advances in various regions of the world.
This has been stated in his speech at the World Tourism Crisis Committee of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), which meets today in Madrid for the seventh time since its creation last March and on the eve of the 113th Executive Council of the UNWTO which will take place tomorrow.

“2021 has to be the year in which we begin the recovery of tourism. We are hopeful about the vaccination process and the effects it may have on the recovery of international mobility. While the vaccination process advances, we must progress in parallel in the reestablishment of international flows in a safe way, ”stressed Valdés, who represents the Spanish Government at the meeting of the Committee on the World Tourism Crisis, created to promote coordination and propose recommendations aimed at mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism sector and accelerating the recovery.

In the same sense, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism had pronounced, Reyes Maroto, during an informative breakfast, in which he pointed out that the Government is working, within the framework of the OECD, on a common vaccination certificate that allows the recovery of international mobility and tourism in a safe way. "Vaccination is key" to regain mobility and allow the entire tourism sector to reopen.

Before the UNWTO Crisis Committee, which brings together UNWTO members and the main private representatives of the sector, Valdés recalled that the Spanish Government “remains firmly committed to the proposal to test passengers at origin, before they undertake their trip, as an alternative formula to quarantines ”. The Secretary of State has shown his conviction that soon there will be less invasive and expensive means to test passengers with the same reliability and sensitivity as a PCR test and has asked to take into account that, although vaccination has already started in the Union Europe and other regions of the world, we will still have to live with the virus in the coming months.

Vaccination certificate

In his speech before the Committee, Valdés expressed Spain's support for the work that is being carried out at the European and international level so that vaccination facilitates the flow of people and promotes tourism in 2021.

In this sense, it has opted for establishing a harmonized vaccination certificate, not as a requirement to be able to travel, but as a document that can facilitate the freedom of movement of those who demonstrate that they are correctly vaccinated. "We also have to promote international initiatives that guarantee the vaccination of all the world's inhabitants regardless of their place of residence," said Valdés, who has warned that vaccination cannot produce discriminatory effects on visitor flows or capacity host destinations.

The heads of the delegations participating in the Executive Council of the UNWTO will be received this afternoon by the Kings at the Royal Palace of El Pardo, in an act in which the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, will also participate. "For all the members of the Executive Council this reception has great symbolic value for the support of the Royal Household to the tourism sector, at a particularly critical moment due to the negative impact of the pandemic," said the minister, thanking the UNWTO the work developed in these months in support of the tourism sector globally.

Maroto, together with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will participate tomorrow in the Executive Council that must propose a candidate to the General Secretariat of the UNWTO for the period 2022-2025.

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